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The Next Mormons survey

How to create ex-Mormons

By Jana Riess — February 5, 2018
If the #1 reason women say they left the LDS Church is because they felt judged or misunderstood, wouldn't it be awesome if Mormons could stop with the judging?

I’m not a fan of the planned 2018 Mormon curriculum

By Jana Riess — December 9, 2017
Focusing the new LDS curriculum almost solely on Conference talks makes it harder for members who have questions to voice them. Making those who question feel even less welcome in church is exactly the opposite of where we need to be going.

Who’s not watching Mormon General Conference

By Jana Riess — November 7, 2017
The typical Mormon General Conference viewer is a church-going, older, white, college-educated Republican living in Utah—not surprisingly the exact type of person most likely to be seen on the TV screen during Conference sessions.

Hello! Most Mormons actually do drink caffeinated soda

By Jana Riess — September 25, 2017
(RNS) — Last week's announcement that caffeinated sodas would be sold at BYU confirmed what we found in the Next Mormons study: Two-thirds of Mormons already imbibe.

I can’t, I’m writing a book. I can’t, I’m writing a . . .

By Jana Riess — August 29, 2017
I'm working FT on "The Next Mormons" book, which means I'm saying no to just about everything else except Netflix.

Polygamy’s becoming more acceptable. Is this the ‘Sister Wives’ effect?

By Jana Riess — August 1, 2017
Nearly one in five Americans see polygamy as morally acceptable, says Gallup. How do Mormons feel about it, and why?

Listen: Millennials & Mormonism on Radio West

By Jana Riess — July 18, 2017
Join in for a Radio West/KUER live conversation on Wednesday to discuss what's going on with Millennials in the Mormon church.

Mormons, Trump and McMullin: A 2016 postmortem by the numbers

By Jana Riess — July 17, 2017
Mormon Republicans who went for Trump were less religious and more anxious about immigration and racial diversity than those who supported McMullin.

Colorado Mormons: Mark your calendars for September 9!

By Jana Riess — June 10, 2017
On September 9, the Colorado Faith Forums will offer a symposium on Mormon women scholars. It's going to be terrific and I hope to see you there.

10 things to know about Millennial Mormons

By Jana Riess — May 24, 2017
They're strong believers, but they're also politically diverse and less likely to come from super-sized families than older Mormons. Meet the Next Mormons via infographic.

Mormon leaders have trust issues

By Jana Riess — April 19, 2017
Research shows that the second-most-common reason people leave the LDS Church is that they didn't trust Church leaders to tell the truth about controversial issues.

Most young adult Mormons are skipping General Conference. Why?

By Jana Riess — April 1, 2017
Only 44% of Millennial Mormons say they have watched General Conference in the last six months -- more than a thirty-point drop from the habits of the oldest Mormons. Why are so many young adults tuning out? (P.S. Sadly, this is not an April Fool's post.)

Mormon women have more cosmetic surgery … or not

By Jana Riess — March 17, 2017
It's become a truism that Mormon women have far more cosmetic surgeries than other American women. But this truism isn't actually true.

Do Mormons leave the Church because they ‘got offended’?

By Jana Riess — January 27, 2017
Elder Bednar says that many former Mormons left the fold because they chose to be offended by something. New research raises the question: Does this explanation hold water?

Study shows young adult Mormons are most likely generation to tithe (but there’s a catch)

By Jana Riess — December 26, 2016
Surprise: Mormon Millennials are a little more likely to be full tithe-payers than older Mormons are -- but there's a twist in how they define income.
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