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COMMENTARY: Scapegoats along the border

(RNS) It isn't Mexican immigrants who caused sea changes in the American workplace. It wasn't Hondurans or Guatemalans who sucked the life out of American communities. Gun-toting "patriots" shouting hatred at refugee children are spewing venom at the wrong target.

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COMMENTARY: Where are the referees?

(RNS) We are living, for now at least, in a "Wild West" of gerrymandered voting districts, unfairly enforced laws, corrupt arbiters, and the rich getting richer by buying and tilting basic systems like courts of law and media coverage.

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COMMENTARY: Sunday mornings are broken

(RNS) Church-as-Sunday-morning isn’t working; it probably never worked as much as we wanted. It certainly isn’t what Jesus envisioned. Christians were to share a common life and pray “unceasingly,” not gather occasionally for worship in a large, walled-off space.

COMMENTARY: Old habits die hard

(RNS) Old ideas just need to be abandoned and something fresh and responsive allowed to emerge. Old ideas always benefit someone, and those someones tend to push back to protect their benefits. But that self-protective push-back isn’t a viable strategy.

COMMENTARY: Who elected these clowns?

SAN MATEO, Calif. (RNS) The politicians in Washington who are maneuvering for a federal shutdown should come to Central Park on El Camino Real where real people live, love and value each other instead of trying to tear down the government.

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COMMENTARY: The day the buzz died

NEW YORK (RNS) I walk past Best Buy on Fifth Avenue and feel no urge to go inside. Same with the Apple store. I'm just not wowed anymore, and it's the same lesson that churches are painfully learning.

COMMENTARY: The shameful politics of scorn

(RNS) We should be acknowledging the fundamental reality that we are "all in this together," that everything we do has impact on someone else. Instead, we deny the impacts of our behavior.