RNS Daily Digest

c. 1999 Religion News Service Amish leaving the buggy behind for safety’s sake (RNS) Annie Keim doesn’t much like riding the family’s horse-drawn buggy to Medina, Ohio, because of the traffic on the county’s increasingly congested roads.”Most of the roads are busier than they were,”said Keim, an Amish woman who lives with her family near Homerville, Ohio. Keim said rural Homer Township’s substantial Amish community will probably appreciate an experimental bus route the county is starting to help the automobile-shunning people get back and forth to the city without taking risky buggy rides. John Jones, director of the Medina County Transportation Department, said Amish leaders asked the county to establish the bus route. Jones said the Amish leaders told him they don’t own gasoline-powered vehicles but will use conventional public transportation.