Evangelist is looking for a Christian reawakening

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Quote of the Day: Evangelist Franklin Graham “There’s been satanic worship. There’s been sexual perversion. God is going to use that storm to bring revival. God has a plan. God has a purpose.” -Evangelist Franklin Graham, speaking at Liberty University on Oct. 3, about how he thinks Hurricane Katrina may spark a Christian reawakening in […]

  • Hagan

    Below is my response to an Islamic web site. The church needs to stop preaching to the choir. Your voices and prayers need to go to our government, and to minister to hostile Islamic web sites. Stand for Israel, or God will not stand for America. God has been clear His stance on those who don’t stand for Israel.

    Why spend so much time justifying your religion by condemning Jews and Christians. If your religion was truth, it would stand on its own merit without the slander of Jews and Christians. By doing so, you testify that you do not have the mind set of God. For God states that we will be judged as harshly as we have judged others, love thy enemies, forgive or you won’t be forgiven. That is what is meant by “reaping what you sow.” God demands that we love, because he loves all of us.

    Furthermore, Jesus was not a prophet. Prophets who came before and after him were very human in their characteristics. Jesus alone was spotless in character for God’s spirit dwelled in him. He said, the Father is in me, and I am in the Father. He was referring to God’s Spirit. There is One God. And He alone is to be worships because he made all things. The trinity is not three Gods, but 3 steps to salvation. Father, Son and Holy Ghost means to: receive the gift of the Holy Ghost through Jesus’ name by the Father (God). God’s plan is also three-fold:

    Cleansing of Sin

    1. The Laws God gave to Moses were meant to be the standard by which we could evaluate ourselves. We were meant to fall short of the Laws because they demonstrated that without God, we could not attain them. The blood of animal sacrifices of old only covered sin and foretold of what was to come. The blood of the Lamb (Jesus) took away the sin of all mankind . . . if and only if you confessed our sins through Jesus’ name. Why in Jesus’ name? Because God will exalt those whose deeds are most worthy; and none are more worthy or so complete as the salvation of all mankind, therefore Jesus has earned his place in heaven at the right-hand of the Father, and is higher than the angels. Because of his faith and trust in God as well as his great sacrifice (he was brutalized so badly; by ancient Roman eyewitness accounts, one could barely tell by looking at Jesus that his form was that of a man). To deny Jesus is to deny God’s means of redemption.

    Holy Spirit and the Church

    2. Another gift to bestow upon the believer is that of the Holy Spirit. To be baptized by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit means to accept God’s salvation for man which is by the Blood of Jesus (the sacrifice for all mankind), confess that we are sinful by nature and need the help of God to do his will. He will then give the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us to do His will. It is a beautiful gift. Without it, one can only see the way of the World and the way of the world is Satan. It was the gift of the Holy Spirit that enabled the twelve apostles at risk of their lives to spread the news of salvation to all thereby establishing the Church. All you have to do is accept Jesus as your savior because in doing so you accept God’s love and gift of salvation. A true Christian will never deny Jesus. To do so is the worst blasphemy against God. To deny Jesus to save one’s life is to lose one’s life (everlasting life).

    Redemption and Salvation

    3. Furthermore, God’s plan from the beginning was to redeem his creation that Satan had ruined in the Garden of Eden. He still wants to walk with us as he once did with Adam and Eve. But because of our now sinful nature, He cannot. God is divine and cannot dwell with sin. Jesus is the First and the Last Adam. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the virgin Mary. He was a descendent of Adam. His bloodline can be traced back to Adam through Mary, David, Abraham, and Noah. God put a curse on Satan in the Garden. He said,

    “. . . and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers . . .

    Did you notice that God said Your (Satan’s) offspring? This was the first hint of the coming Messiah (through the bloodline of Adam). Satan was cast out of heaven because of his pride. Pride is a great sin. No good comes from love of self, nor does happiness. And hatred is a characteristic of Satan. Satan along with his other fallen angels (Sons of Gods) set about trying to spoil the bloodline to thwart God’s plan of redemption by marrying the women descendents of Adam (Sons of Man). Hence, Noah and the flood. God is a God of order and created so that the seed would produce according to its own kind. He chose to destroy the abomination with a flood.

    Satan is a false prophet, and is the great deceiver — very, very clever. He tells half truths, creates doubts, and appeals to the bruised or inflated ego. Islam came hundreds of years after Jesus was resurrected and Jesus was the first to defeat death for he rose to ascend to heaven. Which means that God’s plan is complete. God always shows his plan by example. The example of Jesus shows that we too will rise to heaven in the end days, and we are to spread God’s Word to bring as many as possible to him.

    God works through Israel as an example to us

    There is no reason to hate the Jews. All the hatred is of Satan, and Satan’s manipulation is everywhere. History has shown what happens to countries that are against Israel. That is God’s Holy Place on Earth. If Israel messed up in the past, they were expelled from the land (the land represents Heaven or God’s dwelling place, expulsion represents God punishment of turning his face away). An example to all that demonstrates deeds worthy of expulsion from God.

    God also has demonstrated His Grace and Love by always bringing Israel back to the land That is the nature of God’s grace, His forgiving nature (His grace does however have its limits, the time is coming when forgiveness will be to late).

    Israel which means one who struggles with God has been chosen by God to demonstrate to us by earthly example what God expects of us. To be God’s chosen people for this purpose is a tough assignment. That is why Christians back up the Jews, and why the U.S. always backs Israel. Woe to the day we don’t, least we bring down the wrath of God. Anyone who deals with Israel unjustly whether in word or deed and refuses to repent will be dealt with harshly. God will never go back on his word to Abraham for like Jesus, Jews are part of his plan to bring us all to him. God means what he says and says what he means.

    He may allow bad things to happen to Israel, but only to bring them back to him in repentance. Repentance and Forgiveness is another example he set for us. It is God’s chosen Holy Place and like it or not, he will save a remnant of Israel to dwell with him as he stated he would. God does not break promises.

    What I see is that God has allowed a false prophet to rise and threaten the security of the world so that we may call on his Holy Name. God’s Word says that in end times Esau will not be jealous of Jacob. We will all worship together in the land with him. But before that happens, it was foretold a time is coming when Christian martyrdom will once again be necessary to witness faith. I do not doubt God’s Word.

    I see from Islam only hate. God is not of hate so I can only conclude that Islam is not of God. What is not of God is the evil of men and Satan. Islam came hundreds of years after Jesus was crucified. The Old Testament is revealed in the New, and the New Testament is foretold in the Old. We’ve been warned of false prophets, and have been given the spirit to guide us to truth. But God said that there will be those who will not hear or will not see. God works through Israel to demonstrate what he expects from us in our daily living, Through Jesus, God has cleansed our sins and offers salvation to all. To help us do His will, God has provides the Holly Spirit to guide us. Through Jesus, God has raised the Church through the 12 apostles. Jesus knew his destiny and promised the twelve he would not leave them as orphans. He was talking of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because God is spirit and He desires that we worship in spirit. Again God has provided an example and our purpose is clear – to bring as many as we can to the Father.

    I am troubled, because how can so many be saved in such a short time. I will not mince words. The hard truth is this:

    The words of Islam are an obvious abomination of the Word of God. And the method used to memorize the verses is nothing short of self-hypnosis. Filling your head with verses and chanting the set prayers over and over again works to the benefit of Satan. Islam states that knowledge of the words isn’t as important as much as the memorization of those words. That sounds similar to jamming radar (i.e. or the Word of God).

    Don’t believe me. Ask God for the truth. Speak to God with your heart. He knows what is on your mind and heart already. You have to humble yourself before him, admit your sins and ask for his guidance. Man is not higher than the angels for we do not dwell with God in heaven as they do—heaven is not on earth, yet. Our place on earth is a test of our faith. Jesus’ blood will take the sin from those who ask, but sacrifice is still very much with us. To know God’s will is a labor of love. Hate is not of God but of the evil one. Choose to live. The truth will set you free.

    God be with you.