One Order of Catholic; Hold the Roman, Please

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Andrew Greeley gets a little hot under the (Roman) collar over other “Christians”-Catholics have “been Christians since the beginning,” he grumbles-who claim some sort of ownership over the “Christian” label in politics: My crowd has been calling themselves ”Catholic” for 17 centuries. The adjective “Roman” added in the American context is a slur, sometimes unintentionally […]

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    All due respect to Father Greeley, but many catholic-minded Anglicans’ and Episcopalians’ collars get just as warm over his church’s laying exclusive claim to that term. That’s why Anglo-Catholic (aka “high church”) Episcopalians use the term “**Roman** Catholic”–not as a slur.
    Now go ask the Orthodox how *they* feel about Greeley’s “we invented Christianity”…

  • Asinus Gravis

    There is no Christian institutional church that is catholic!

    The self-proclaimed followers of (believers in) Jesus who repeat the Nicene Creed do not hold membership in one institutional universal church. None of the institutions they belong to qualify as the church discussed in the New Testament.

    Some people seem to confuse the aspiration to be the catholic church with being a universal church in fact.

    I trust we are beyond the days of serious efforts at ecclesiocide to eliminate one’s rivals.