• dan

    It’s all so silly. First, there is no God. That’s a Jewish illusion, that Christianity picked up as did Islam. Sigh. Second, Jesus was a false messiah in a long line of Jewish false messiahs. Third, the Pope is a charlatan and represents no God, since there is no God. And fouth, since the truth should be known, the Jews were never perfidious, they never needed to have the veil lifted from their eyes, they don’t need a supernatural “Jesus” (not his real name as you know) to be saved, and Christianity has been the most antisemitic operation on Earth since it’s very inception, which was not immaculate by the way. Sorry to be so harsh, but all Christians of good will must hear this message and change the very nature of Christianity. Like Judaism and Islam, it is a false religion. There is no God. Get over it. That said, God bless you all, and let’s see if the editors let this stand or delete. It will show how much faith they have!