…but no cigar

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The exit polls show that Huck more or less remains contained within the evangelical box. The Catholics in SC just had little use for him, and although there aren’t many in the state (14 percent) they preferred McCain to Huck by nearly four to one–more than enough to carry him to victory. Some of Huck’s populist message made its mark; he was the choice of the rather small proportion of South Carolinians who believe they’re losing ground economically, as well as of the least affluent Republican voters. The problem for him, however, is that the GOP is not the party of the poor. Thompson did pretty well, and had he not been on the ballot and Huck picked up his proportionate share of Thompson’s evangelicals, that would have been enough to win. It almost makes you think that Thompson will hang in as the good establishment Republican soldier he’s always been at least through Super Tuesday, to keep Huck down. But regardless–and contrary to my earlier prediction–the closeness of the finish and the absence of anyone else as even a close third suggest that Huck can soldier on pretty smartly, at least in Dixie.