• Asinus Gravis

    Gonzales does a nice ostrich imitation. He is even better at arguing from ignorance.
    The exit pollsters have for decades been ignoring the possibility of evangelicals or born-agains who are registered Democrats, or who vote for Democrats. They have assumed that they were only Republicans or only voted for Republicans, thus there was no point is asking about their religious views.
    The recent polls were an effort to show some basis for doing precisely the nationwide polling of voters in both parties regarding their religious perspectives. And along comes our astute Gonzales, who apparently had a column he had to write, to complain about the absence of polling data about Democratic evangelicals.

  • If this isn’t a new phenomenon, why is it taking so long to conduct exit polls asking the simple question?
    I personally don’t think it’s a new thing. Evangelical voters have never been a monolithic voting bloc incapable of parting ways with the Religious Right. But this is an election in which, for evangelicals, the Democratic candidate may not be the lesser of two evils, so it makes sense that the numbers would be increasing, and we should take note of that.