The Precious

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Carville-Smeagle.jpgIt’s probably not worth overburdening the analogy, but since James Carville has insisted that he said what he meant, and meant what he said, I’ll indulge myself. Whether or not we are (as Reid suggests) to understand Hillary Clinton–really, the Clintons a deux, since Bill Richardson is Bill’s disciple–as Jesus, the idea is that Richardson’s endorsement of Barack Obama puts her on the path to crucifixion. The Clintons as victims–not exactly a new trope. Judas, of course, undertook his betrayal in exchange for money, and there’s no doubt that Richardson himself heard the analogy that way, denying that Obama has offered him any quid pro quo for his endorsement. Make Obama Pontius Pilate in the scenario. Finally, it should be recalled that Judas ended up hanging himself, presumably out of remorse for his betrayal. Hear that, all ye superdelegates tempted to cast your lot with the Robaman legions!

  • Asinus Gravis

    The more Carville talks on this matter the clearer it becomes that his gripe with Richardson is that Bill did not stay bought (by the Clintons).
    In that case it is the Clintons that represent the High Priest. Obama is the innocent victim in the matter that they are trying to crucify.
    Aren’t analogies fun!