For Bush and Benedict, a personal and political bond

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c. 2008 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY _ When President Bush pays a visit to Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican next Friday (June 13), it will be his sixth meeting with a pope, and his third meeting with Benedict in just over a year. Never in U.S. history has a president consulted so often […]

  • I’ve heard President Bush called the ‘second Catholic president’, for the reasons mentioned in this article as well as his consultation with Pope John Paul before his embryonic stell cell funding decision in 2001.
    But the Catholic connection doesn’t end there; the Culture of Life Foundation, a DC based public policy institute, has been advising the President on life issues, and I hear he’s been speaking to Fr. McCloskey, whose Catholic Information Center lies in the shadow of the White House. Father has guided many prominent converts into communion with Rome, like Lawrence Kudlow, Sen Sam Brownback and Bob Novack.
    Will George Bush do a Tony Blair and convert to Catholicism after he leaves office?
    I am expecting it.
    I’ll bet it would make Catholic brother Jeb very happy if he did.
    Despite our differences over Iraq, I admire the President’s integrity;his record is far more pro-life than my Catholic Congressman, Tim Bishop. He’d be an asset to the Church.
    Come home to Rome, President Bush!

  • Gerard Beer

    During the 2004 presidential campaign, Air Force One arrived at Pittsburgh and a Catholic priest had the honor of greeting the president. At that moment, the president knelt on the tarmac and asked for a blessing. The priest then entered the building and 12 of us prayed that if it is God’s will, may the president be re-elected. I suspect that George W will eventually become Catholic. God Bless+++
    Gerard Beer

  • lember

    “In any case, it would be uncharacteristically undiplomatic of any pope to let past differences get in the way of constructive collaboration with a world superpower” That is utter horse manure, picking and choosing issues that are convenient it is NOT acceptable for The Shepperd of the Church. “The Vatican knows how to agree and disagree with heads of state and work with them anyway,” Reese said. “It’s got a big agenda.” It sure does Not show with the Iraq Invasion issue coming from The Shepperd of the Church.

  • Pope Benedict is the SHEPHERD of the Church, NOT the USA. He must work with our government on areas of mutual concern or not engage the world’s last superpower.
    Jesus ate with sinners to convert them, the USA has plenty of sins which still require our gentle SHEPHERD’s correction. Pope Benedict knows that and hopes by keeping it positive, he will be more effective.

  • lember

    Bush is NOT just a sinner he is an utter International criminal.