100 years later, Ahmadi Muslims face new challenges

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c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) When Zahir Mian’s prayer clock rings to announce the sunset prayer, he politely excuses himself and performs his ritual pre-prayer ablution, unfurls a prayer rug towards Mecca, and prays like any Muslim. Mian, a 34-year-old IT manager, also fasts during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, reads the Quran […]

  • Salahuddin Ahmed

    General Muslim persecute Ahmadies coz Ahmadies belief in a Prophet after Mohommed PBUH. Just check with Genewral Muslim if they themselves believe or not in a Prophet PBUH after Holy Prophet. You will be anazed at the hypocricy that General Muslim also believe in a Prophet after Mohommedm but then they spin it will be the old Jesus. Their SPIN Old can come new cannot.I now quote 7 Quranic references that categorically certify Jesus as dead. Holy Prophet has certainly propheciced the coming of son of Mary but it would be shortchanging Holy Prophet PBUH’s saying of wisdom to believe that dead Jesus would reappear. 1 Maida 75 All Prophets b4 Jesus r dead (same like Imran 144)
    2 Maida 117 On day Judgement Jesus is ignorant that He has been made God.
    3 Imran 55 Tawaffa means death
    4 Imran 144 All Prophets b4 Mohommed PBUH r dead – Says ARRAOOL U cannot cherry Pick Jesus out of the dead
    5 Bani Israel 93 Man does not climb sky
    6 Araf 25 Man lives & dies on earth
    7 Anbia 34 No man has an abnormal life

  • naeem

    good views