Conservative U.S. archbishop to head Vatican high court

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c. 2008 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY _ St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke was named Friday (June 27) to head the Catholic Church’s highest court, a move that places an outspoken conservative in an important if not highly visible post. Burke, 59, will be the first American to serve as prefect of the Supreme Tribunal […]

  • Barb

    I am very sad to see Archbishop Burke leave the St. Louis area. Our loss is the Vaticans gain We will miss him dearly

  • Joan

    God Bless you Archbishop Burke. May the Blessed Mother and Holy Spirit always be your guide and protector…All for Jesus

  • Doc

    What a great loss for the church in Saint Louis but what a huge gain for the church in general. This man is a true Shepherd in an era of many weak ones who let sheep stray. I believe this is another effort on the part of Our Holy Father to anchor the barque of Peter to the columns of Our Blessed Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady. God continue to bless you Archbishop as you take your dedication to Christ crucified to Rome.Doc

  • L

    Living in Wisconsin, I knew (then Bishop) Archbishop Burke would be going places. Congratulations on your appointment! From your supporters in the LaCrosse Diocese, Wisconsin.

  • D

    Why the political tone on this article? Burke is not just a “conservative”–he is intelligent, experienced and pastoral. His job is to inform Catholics of the behaviors that the Church expects of them, and in fact, his own salvation depends upon shepherding them properly as a bishop. Fr. Reese, the favorite of news reporters, is an extreme liberal in his positions, yet no mention is made of that. Let’s try to be a bit more content-oriented in our reporting rather than adjective-oriented, ok?

  • Doc

    “Let’s try to be a bit more content-oriented in our reporting rather than adjective-oriented, ok?”Huh?

  • D


  • Kevin Eckstrom

    Thanks for your comments. I agree that the term “conservative” (and “liberal” for that matter) gets thrown around a lot, and often times carelessly. Personally, I wish there were better terms that weren’t quite so left vs. right. But there really aren’t. The bottom line is, Archbishop Burke is a news-making kind of guy, and 99% of that news has been generated because of the conservative positions he has taken, especially on abortion. So, I’m not sure how else to describe him or his positions. Certainly “right wing” isn’t any better, and is probably a lot worse. Traditionalist? Remember, we’re a down-the-middle news wire, so terms like “Christ-centered” or “faithful” aren’t viable options.If anyone can offer a better alternative, I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

  • D

    Below is how the Catholic World News put it. This presumably “biased” source managed to get the content of the story without politically-based adjectives better than the one which claims to be “devoted to unbiased coverage.”(I also find it untenable that a self-proclaimed “down the middle” news wire finds the word “conservative” acceptable and “faithful” unacceptable. It seems to me that this policy is hardly “down the middle.” [Accepting the title of “secular news service” is already biased in itself.] At the very least, the word “conservative” could have been replaced by a phrase like “upheld the teachings of the Catholic Church of which he is a member and leader.” It behooves a news service to understand the subject being reported. Upholding the Church’s position is not intended to generate controversy, it is intended to proclaim the truth, even when it generates controversy. Archbishop Burke’s claims were neither conservative nor controversial to those who understand and agree, only to the the world of “secular” and “unbiased” listeners.)From Catholic World News: (”Archbishop Burke was installed as head of the St. Louis archdiocese in January 2004. His tenure there has been marked by controversy, with the archbishop– an acknowledged expert on canon law– meeting resistance and public criticism as he sought to enforce the Church’s norms. He announced the excommunication of women who claimed ordination to the priesthood, and of the leaders of a parish that refused to acknowledge his authority. In each case the Vatican confirmed the archbishop’s decision.Archbishop Burke was criticized by other American bishops in 2004, when he announced that he would not administer the Eucharist to a Catholic politician who supported abortion. Although he did not single out any public figure by name, the archbishop’s statement clearly applied to Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate in that year’s presidential election. In this instance, too, Archbishop Burke’s stand was upheld by the Vatican.”

  • M

    You know, someone who misunderstands Bishop, soon to be Cardinal Burke, will inject politics into anything! Hear me D? I was speaking to you.

  • jmj

    The word is Orthodox……as in teaching correctly the tenets of the Catholic Church. He is also shepherding positively in the way that he was ordained to do. Simply accurate AND politically correct. Any thing else? LOL