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There’s the faith-based initiative issue. There’s the immigration issue. And then there’s Sam Freedman’s religion piece in today’s NYT, about what a little Catholic Church in Postville, Iowa is doing to help the families of illegal Hispanic immigrants arrested in the INS’ massive raid on the Agriprocessors kosher-meat plant. Iowa’s kind of an important swing state. John McCain says he considers Hispanics to be Children of God. Obama wants comprehensive immigration reform. Who will be the first to make it to St. Bridget’s?

  • balabusta

    Of course I’ve heard of this church because it’s working with the undocumented immigrants arrested in the raid on the largest kosher meatpacking plant in the United States. The blog Jewschool has been running this story non-stop, and provided a way to send contributions to St. Bridgets.
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    They were able to raise $40,000 (thought I’m sure they weren’t the only source of donations, I think a lot of Jews who read that blog donated.)
    The case has been a huge scandal in the Jewish community. A lot of Jews who keep kosher are boycotting meat from the plant, including some of the larger Jewish summer camps. Other Jewish organizations have decided to pretend that the accusations aren’t proven. (Um, hello, no. Read Jewschool for much overwhelming detail.)
    I will bet a lot of money that no presidential candidate is going to go to Postville and further embarrass the Jewish community by directing scrutiny against the no-goodniks at the meat-packing plant. (Oh, hiring undocumented workers is only ONE of the many horrible things they seem to have done! How that meat could be kosher to purchase, I don’t know!)