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Land.jpgCBS’ Brian Goldsmith’s interview of Southern Baptist Convention public affairs meister Richard Land is worth a read. Land’s a political junkie, and loves the ins and outs of a campaign almost as much as that senator’s son, Pat Robertson. Take-aways from the interview include: 1) a huge lack of excitement about John McCain; 2) only tepid support for the vice presidential chances of his fellow Southern Baptist, Mike Huckabee; 3) preoccupation with abortion over all other issues; 4) nary a mention of gay marriage; 5) a prediction that Obama will make no inroads in the evangelical vote; and last but not least, 6) an estimate that 15-20 percent of evangelicals would have a problem with Mitt Romeny as McCain’s veep because of his Mormonism. Land likes Romney a lot, so far as I can tell. Last Fall, he proposed thinking of Mormonism as the Fourth Abrahamic Religion (after Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)–clearly as a way of reconciling evangelicals to Romney’s candidacy. So if he thinks as many as one fifth of them would object to having Romney on the GOP ticket, that’s a real estimate, and probably a pretty good one, as opposed to sneaky poor-mouthing of a guy he has no use for.

  • Asinus Gravis

    Suggesting that we think of Mormonism as on a par with Islam and as distinct from Christianity is not likely to encourage many fundamentalists or right wing evangelicals to support Romney.
    It is worse than a left-handed compliment. It is more like a kiss of betrayal from Judas.