Victoria Osteen in court

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Victoria Osteen, who co-pastors a Houston megachurch with her husband Joel Osteen, is in court this week, fighting a suit that charges her with assaulting a flight attendant. The Associated Press reported that another flight attendant on the Continental Airlines flight in 2005 said Victoria Osteen “was demanding that attention be given to her immediately” […]

  • Patricia

    My goodness! Some people assume that they are above and or equal to God… Victoria Osteen should openly admit her wrong doing with the airline incident and apologize. I am sure God is ready to forgive her….We continue to see this all the time. The people that hold high ranking in life do wrong and then deny it… The accountability does not come out until they are truly busted with evidence… We don’t need to hear your apology and admittance after we had to dig for it, we would like for you to own it immediately.

    Joel talk to your wife, I understand why you would want to be on her side, but you have a high ranking position in millions of people’s lives.

  • Nick

    Rather than prejudging the situation based on name calling, I’d love to hear what witnesses on the plane have to say about what happened. With such a small, confined space and so many witnesses, it seems like it’d be pretty hard to make something up for the purpose of extortion, but who knows… it does happen. At least Victoria got one of the best lawyers out there to represent her.

  • em

    I’ve seen pictures of her with a coach purse. Is that where the churches money goes to? Or did she buy it the the royalties from her Love your Life book?

  • Linda Kennedy

    Pardon my ignorance. I do not know what a Coach purse is. I don’t get it. A purse is something to hold your things(actually, your kids stuff). Why must it cost several hundred, or thousand dollars? I would be ashamed to spend that much on a bag or piece of jewelry. Just ashamed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy nice things but in perspective. Once a purse or pair of shoes(or car) gains a value in your mind past it’s comfort or quality level then it’s time to take a look in the mirror to see whats missing that you need to spend a grand on a square piece of a dead cow to make you feel whole.