Obama’s white evangelicals

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Today’s Fox poll has McCain leading Obama among white evangelicals by 61 percent to 25 percent. Bush beat Kerry among white evangelicals by 77 percent to 23 percent. So in spite of Sarah Palin’s selection, Obama remains ahead of Kerry’s pace in this demographic. Should he win his share of the undecideds, he’d reach 29 percent–not as good as Bill Clinton but a significant pickup nonetheless.

  • evan

    No need to post. However, you cannot get the evangelical vote and believe in abortion or be pro choice unless the spiritual are witches, the occult, muslim, cults or unitarian or trinity unity church. I just don’t think non christians are understanding this like yourself. Believe in Jesus Christ God almighty and be born again.

  • Ted Olsen

    A significant pickup? I don’t know: is six points really a significant ROI for all the outreach to evangelicals Obama has done? (Remember that Kerry pretty much had none.) I’m not trying to make a point: I’m asking for your response.

  • Ann

    I happened on this blog by going from links when catching up on the morning news. Like always I am left wondering if there will ever be a time that Christians, (the religious right or left or evengelicals and so on and so on and all the other groupings) will take on with excitement, the notion of putting the money where the mouth’s at. The discussions and comments seem to follow this or that camp based on race preferences. It would be intresting to see a group of Christians cut through the camoflague and live up to God’s idea that all races are equal and the same humanity in God’s eyes. Then politics can be what it really is like after all, a thing of give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s. Maybe the focus should turn to Christians aligning themselves to give to God things that God upholds like his love given equally to the person no matter the race or gender.Then discussions of politics can take on honesty and not pretend to be a cut above discussions in the secular world. Christians should align themselves to those basic ideas God holds for viewing humanity and then the pretenses of aligning according to this or that ideaology would be out in the open in a honest way. Something that would be exciting to witness in my lifetime. Such honesty by Christins would have a markedly positive effect on American politics.