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OK, I know this is above my pay grade, but why did the McCain campaign think that the recipe for Palin last night was “Let Sarah be Sarah!” rather than “Get her to act like a plausible occupant of the Oval Office”? I’ve no doubt, what with all the laying on of winks and the laying off of g’s, that she was laying it on thick, the way George W. Bush does with the Texas drawl when he wants to stir up the down-home folks. But surely the object of this exercise was not to remind the conservative base how much they love her. Why double down on spunk and folksiness (fauxiness?) when there are wars to fight and end and the economy’s going to hell in a handbasket?

  • Sherry

    Perhaps Palin was campaigning for the Miss Congeniality title that has eluded McCain?
    She did play heavily on the wink and grin tactic.

  • Asinus Gravis

    I enjoy having a good looking woman wink at me, although it has been a long time since one did that in person.
    But, as best I recall, I did sometimes wonder what message the winker was really trying to convey. That was especially true when I didn’t know the woman and was in a city for a convention. I also wondered what the whole price might be for following up on that wink.