This week at the RNC

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This week will feature various events for the six candidates for Republican National Committee chair to strut their stuff. According to Politico’s Alexander Burns, there are not a lot of happy campers in RNC-land. In preparation, Ken Blackwell rolled out a list of supporters that, if not exactly a Who’s Who of theocons and ecocons, certainly puts on display a number of the heavies from those two ideological legs of the party (James Dobson and Pat Toomey, for example). As for the neocon leg, it is conspicuous by its absence. Blackwell, the former Ohio Secretary of State who got his clock cleaned in the 2006 gubernatorial election, is rated on the rise by the Plain Dealer this morning. His letter to RNC members, appended to the Plain Dealer‘s story, is all nuts and bolts–but what his candidacy promises is trench warfare according to the Old-Time Republican Religion of family values and small government. Read my lips: no new ideas.

  • Asinus Gravis

    “Read my lips: no new ideas.” Duuh!
    What do you expect? These are Conservatives — not Innovators. And they are showing up to strut for Grover Norquist.