CPAC hearts Huck not

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Huckabeewarning.jpgMaybe I’m missing something here, but I find it noteworthy that Mike Huckabee only managed 7 percent in the CPAC straw poll, coming in sixth behind Romney, Jindal, Paul, Palin, and Gingrich. Sure, Huck had to split the social conservative vote with Jindal and Palin, but those two didn’t even show up for the event. Huck did. He’s been humping away for Republican candidates. He’s said nothing unorthodox by conservative standards in maybe a year. And in last year’s Republican primary, he showed he could carry the evangelical base of the party–effectively killing off Romney’s candidacy. So what’s the problem? My guess is that the hard-core CPAC types still don’t trust him–think he’s still soft on immigration, still considers the Club for Growth the Club for Greed, and remains altogether too genial towards the enemy. 

  • You may be right on with this post. If he is soft on immigration, it’s only going to hurt him. But, a few more years under his belt could lead him to the nomination.

  • dan bogdan

    I do not think Mike Huckabee is sft on Immigration. He might have been sodt on immigrants in hes state, but he allways stated that he want them to enter on the front door with their head up, which is indeed the way they should. He is a very polarizing political figure (maybe the most polarizing republican person in 2009, (until prezent), and I do thing that he couls be a huge succes for the America’s Middlle Class, on 2012.