In Pilate’s wife, some see an unlikely saint

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(UNDATED) For all of Pontius Pilate’s faults, one was distinctly damning: he didn’t listen to his wife. According to the Gospel of Matthew, the Roman governor of Judea received a note from his spouse during the trial of Jesus. “Have nothing to do with that just man,” she writes, “for I have suffered many things […]

  • kevin wise

    as far as the existance of Jesus the Christ there is abook that was printed in the 1890s dealing with transcripts taken from the vatican library titled the archo volum.Or the archelogical findings of the sanhedrium and the Jews. In this book was gathered the findings of Pontius Pilates exact words on the trial and crusifixion of Jesus the Christ. Where pilate is said to have stated,Here stands before me clothed in white a man they call Jesus. In this volum taken from the library of the vatican or should i say copied from the library of the vatican because the man who copied this was under heavy guard at that time. The transcript also stated that Pilate was all of a sudden overcome by the greatest fear he has ever known a fear that was generated from this man clothed in white standing before him.and that same man standing before pilate had a glow about him that was sareal. Pilate also states that he was so full of fear that he brerifly went to the ground on his knees and started trembeling.He Jesus left teh room on his own accord pilate and treh guards did not remove jesus. And only when Jesus left the room was pilate able to regain his composure. This is a far cry from Rod steiger in Jesus of Nazerath where stieger yells “Do you reralize I have the power to crusify you”! There was also some other words Jesus the Christ told pilate before leaving the room they were words of God to a mere procurator.