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President Obama gave a particularly Catholic talk at Notre Dame last weekend, says sociologist Michele Dillon over at The Immanent Frame, because he grounded it in stories (think: Father Hesburgh’s fish tale) rather than philosophical abstractions. Dillon says: “During his speech, Obama exemplified the translation that necessarily occurs in everyday lived experience between universal principles […]

  • Sven

    Victim? Get over yourself! Oh, I know it’s PC and hip to bash Catholic upbringing…congrats on being just everybody else!

    Oh, and for the sake of clarity, there is nothing “Catholic” about what Obama preached…if anything his words border on the satanic, (of course he’s careful to muddy his words). As one Catholic writer points out, Obama used Notre Dame as an opportunity to celebrate and to gloat about his success at duping the foolishly un-catechised. His Notre Dame speech unabashedly outlined the following agenda:

    “While pro-life and pro-choice supporters have irreconcilable differences, the decision whether or not to abort a child is a personal moral decision a woman must be free to make.

    Abortion rights can exist alongside efforts to reduce the number of abortions. These efforts include helping single mothers, promoting adoption, and funding sex education programs that promote contraception.

    The ends justify the means in the issue of embryonic stem cell research. The lives of innocent unborn children can and should be sacrificed if embryonic stem cell research shows any promise of curing things like juvenile diabetes.

    The problems the world faces are too big for one religion to solve, so we must not see the faith and moral teachings of one particular religion as superior to any other.”

    Which is worse; that he can be allowed to say such things on a Catholic campus or that the campus embraces him with hugs and praise?