Advocacy or incitement?

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Are right-wing media personalities partly responsible for Dr. George Tiller’s murder? How about Catholic bishops? This NY Times article notes that “Within nine hours of Dr. Tiller’s death, Salon magazine had catalogued references to him on 29 episodes of `The O’Reilly Factor’ from 2005 to 2009. In one, Mr. O’Reilly talks about him and the […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    Professor Neuborne is in favor of defending “the ability to speak vigorously.” I have no objections to speaking loudly, strongly, and/or with great energy–i.e., “vigorously.”

    I am, however, concerned by his effort to confuse the issue. Bishop Finn, Operation Rescue, et. al., do a lot more than speak “vigorously.” They defame law abiding citizens; they castigate them with inflamatory rhetoric, such as calling them murderers, mass murderers, and worse. They use militaristic language to characterize how they are to be opposed–these enemies of all that is right and holy–in their less than humble opinion. They inspire, encourage, incite their followers to violent action of a wide variety of sorts–including killing what they call “murderers.”

    What they do is beyond the moral pale. It is indefensible. They are morally, if not legally, guilty of aiding and abetting murder.