• Daniel Burke

    One should note that the lad in question has disputed this article, which is rife with errors and a reminder, for the umpteenth time, to read the British press through wary eyes.

    Osel says: “certain media find ways to sensationalize and exaggerate an unusual story. So I hope that what appears in news print is not read and taken too literally. Don’t believe everything that is written!

    Experience shows that however hard one tries in interviews to sincerely and honestly convey key information, the printed result can tend towards sensationalism to get the most attention.”

    Read the whole letter here: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/osel/

  • Francis X. Rocca

    Thanks for that clarification, Dan. This is your area so I should have known to check with you first. The Spanish press, from which this is taken, is certainly better than the Italian, but far from infallible …