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The Open Episcopal Church in England, not to be confused with the U.S. Episcopal Church, is offering to send the Eucharist by mail to believers, according to the Guardian. The liberal church is part of the communion of Independent Catholic Churches Worldwide. Sez the Guardian: The new service… is aimed at people who either cannot […]

  • Vin Carey

    And Christ is spinning in his grave…

  • We at Host in the Post, launched three years ago, welcome a bit of competition from the Bishop. We take a slightly different approach to the idea, and seriously doubt that the Open Episcopals will be able to match our “Pay in the Next Life” offer.
    I think you’ll find our little site worth a look.
    We take it as a compliment that the Most Reverend Bishop Blake has found inspiration at our modest website, and wish him well in his latest enterprise.

    PS. Vin, your previous comment suggests that you may to have got the wrong end of the stick about Jesus. Anyone else may spin in their graves, I understand. But Him, no.

  • Re the previous entry I ommited to include our URL. It’s
    That’s better.

  • vin carey

    The Jesus spinning is just my warped sense of humor or attemt at humor. I ask you, if perhaps i am a satinest or devil worshipper and i ask for a consecretated host I would recieve one in the mail. Now what do you suppose i and my cohorts would do with it? Does Black mass and defile it come to mind?

  • Sorry Vin. I often miss the point with jokes.
    It’s true. Sections of the Body of Christ, however small, freely circulating in today’s postal system does seem a bit risky. I doubt He would see the joke either if He found that, having bothered to rise from the dead, quit his tomb and lift Himself all the way up to Heaven, He ended up being added as thickener to a witch’s cauldron.
    At we do all we can to avoid that possibility.