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Von Brunn.jpegMorgan.jpegScott Roeder (the alleged assassin of George Tiller) and James von Brunner (the apparent murderer of a Holocaust Museum security guard yesterday) are similar characters–older white men who have long nutured antipathy to the federal government, fixated on people who threaten their visions of social purity, be they abortion providers or Jews or blacks. Stephen P. Morgan, the much younger white man charged with murdering a Wesleyan University student last month, was likewise fixated on Jews. It is possible, even likely, that reports of Roeder inpelled von Brunner to go and do likewise. But it’s also plausible that these luckless, hate-filled, obsessed men have been pushed over the edge by the realization that they are living in Barack Obama’s America. Observers have jokingly identified a disease that afflicts Obama’s political opponents—Obama Derangement Syndrome. These guys suggest it may be a real condition–and that there are any number of others out there suffering from it.

Updatum: From von Brunn charging documents, a note found in his car:

You want my weapons — this is how you’ll get them. The Holocaust is a
lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him
to do. Jews captured America’s money. Jews control the mass media.

  • Emily

    I’m late to this, but I can provide a little context on the origins of “Obama derangement syndrome”: this seems to be the Left’s adaptation of something the Right calls “Bush derangement syndrome”. Conservapedia actually categorizes it(and equivalent conditions for Fox and Rush) with genuine medical syndromes:

  • Mark Silk

    Thanks, Emily.

  • Sadly, this creates another opportunity — as some have observed — for blacks and Jews to consider their unalterable links in this country. Anyone who hates Jews likely hates blacks, and vice versa. We must continue to fight hate together. We really need a Heschel and a King to get that train rolling again, but that’s not happening anywhere soon due to a dearth of leadership on both sides.
    None of this means that real tensions do not remain — see Rev. Wright’s latest comments (and why do the remarks of a retired crackpot deserve attention — I guess because every kook needs to be answered).
    I am pleased that the American Jewish Committee opened a fund for the slain officer. I wish they would do it in conjunction with the NAACP and have a presentation on him at both of their next national conventions. It’s those not-so-little things that make a difference to the activists who set the agendas in the respective communities.
    Warmest to you Mark and thanks for keeping this going!

  • Mark Silk

    Amen, Neil, and thanks.