10 minutes with … Vincent “Big Mama” Capretta

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(UNDATED) By day, Vincent Capretta ministers to parishioners as Father Anthony, rector of the Community of Charity Church, an Independent Old Catholic community in Columbus, Ohio. By night, he’s “Big Mama,” an out and proud drag queen whose latest dance club singles include “Big Mama’s House” and a remix of “The Lord’s Prayer.” While he […]

  • charles leigh

    This article is misleading and inaccurate. Father Capretta is not now nor has he ever been a priest in the Apostolic Catholic Church. He was never listed on the Apostolic Catholic Church website.

    He was a client in our program of compassionate protection from March to June of this year. Under this program the Apostolic Catholic Church takes on the responsibility of being a compassionate companion to those seeking to serve God in ministry. We accept all comers and journey with them as they seek to discern their place in ministry. The ACC commits itself to be a resource for those in discernment and preparation for service. It is made clear to each client that the ACC commitment to them is one of a journey. There is no commitment to ordination/incardination within the ACC and that is clearly written into the letter accepting a client into the program.

    Rev. Capretta failed to comply with the minimum written requirements of the program and therefore he was removed.

    The Community of Charity was for a short time under a similar program. It was removed because it restricted services to members only. It is not listed on the ACC website. It was for a short time listed under affiliated organization as a probationary community.

    In this interview Father Capretta shows a complete lack of understanding of the ACC. Our parishes are in no way independent they are very much interdependent. The members of the ACC would not under any circumstances tolerate Rev. Capretta’s behavior in any level of ministry.

    In closing let me clearly state that Rev. Capretta was NEVER a priest in the Apostolic Catholic Church. He was a client.

    The interview sloppy and at best inaccurate.

  • Contrary to Chuck Leigh’s response, the article is not only truthful, but unveils only the tip of the iceberg regarding my relationship with the Apostolic Catholic Church. In a letter dated March 13, 2009, Bishop Leigh did in fact grant “ecclesiastical protection” to both me and the Community of Charity for a period of one year.

    Ironically, after making a personal visit to our parish in June of 2008 for several days, in which our Community paid for the Bishop’s airfare and accommodations, Leigh’s promises to me and members of my congregation have not come to fruition. Leigh’s responses to the RNS article contradict in that he himself admits that the Community of Charity was listed on the Apostolic Catholic Church website as an “affilated organization” and does not truthfully acknowledge that it remained so as recent as mid June 2209 until recent media inquiries.

    In good faith I have sent clergy contributions to the Bishop as directed by his office to cover “national Church expenses”; and have patiently awaited, as directed in his letter of March 13, 2009, to be “interviewed and vetted by the standing committee on behalf of this bishop”. Sadly, I was never contacted by anyone–our parish did not even receive its Easter Holy Oils as promised by the Bishop. I have never claimed to be a priest of the ACC, I simply requested Bishop Leigh’s protection for a period of discernment.

    For the Bishop to say that “members of the ACC would not under any circumstances tolerate Rev. Capretta’s behavior in any level of ministry” is yet another contradiction for I fully disclosed everything about myself to him during his personal visit. I remember exactly what he said to me in departing…”I don’t know how I’m going to explain you to the others, but we’ll work something out”. I guess things didn’t work out so well after all.

    Father Anthony+

  • else94
    Unfortunately there are many out there who are so confused about what is really the Apostolic Church. Well, the Catholic and Apostolic Universal Church is the one that Jesus Christ has founded and later his apostles followed, taught and wrote about Jesus true teachings. Who ever gets out of God’s teachings in the Catholic Church is not and should not be considered to be called “Catholic” because he/she is not CATHLIC and is deluding himself! Before you talk ABOUT the Catholic Church, friend, first get to the true roots of it, study the Catechism, the true Catholic Bible that includes the (7) seven books that the Protestants removed. Then, once you understand what, who and how is the Catholic Apostolic Church, as many from other faith became to understand before they truly became Catholics because they found out and saw what they never knew and that is the real presence and teachings of Jesus in His Catholic church, the first Christian Church. Please, from good true sources, find out about what, who and how is the Catholic church, once you learned the true beauty you will never turn back because your mind, heart and soul will know, feel and see Jesus Christ very present there, especially in the Eucharist. Other than that if you don’t know nothing about the Catholic Church, please don’t talk what you don’t know, ignorance is the mother of many sad mistakes!

    To be a true Catholic one MUST comply with Jesus teachings, the church teaches nothing different to that! So, why so much deliberation about the Catholic Church where you can find the truth of what Jesus and his apostles taught? Blessings!

  • forkuu

    else you need to get an education and open your tiny mind and learn how to spell before you start preaching to others!

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