For `Possibilians,’ afterlife is one big possibility

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(UNDATED) When neuroscientist and author David Eagleman described himself as a “Possibilian” during a National Public Radio interview earlier this year, he said he thought he was the only one. But now, fans of his new book “Sum: Forty Tales From the Afterlives” are flocking to his so-called movement, forming online communities that forge a […]

  • Duncan Ewing

    Maybe this is the place for my problem…
    Sounds like you consider counterfactuals like “suppose I were a horse..”. Seems to me there is something very odd about this counterfactual, as opposed to say one like “suppose Mt. Fuji were in Oregon..”. Because the latter merely supposes a rearrangement of matter, whereas the former supposes no rearrangement of matter at all, assuming me as the horse feels thinks experiences exactly like the horse etc.. So in this counterfactual nothing material in the universe changes, hence nothing changes… but for me everything changes, so something at least changes. But what? If you see what I mean…

  • Mazie Alley

    I am so thrilled I stumbled upon this article. Must be fate. I have long ago dismissed all the religious ideas about God’s and after-lifes but find there is no outlet for my thoughts and ideas. It is at least socially dangerous and could be physically dangerous to
    suggest concepts and possibilities beyond the accepted norms. I have asked myself if I am an atheist…depends on who is defining the term.

    The only thing I know beyond doubt is ‘I KNOW as much as anyone else KNOWS and that is absolutely nothing.’

    I find it fascinating that society fears those who do not profess
    belief in an entity whose only purpose for the creation of man & the entire magnificent universe was to be judge, jury and executioner of an insignificant bit of energy & matter existing on an insignificant bit of energy and matter.

    I suppose early intelligence determined society could not exist
    without a fear of reward and punishment from an authority higher than that of man. How sad that man is not as intelligent as the colony of
    ants who perform that which is good and necessary for the benefit of the colony without the concept of personal reward & punishment.

    I find myself rambling so I shall close with ‘So happy I found you’.

  • Brilliant article. It brings comfort in a way to think I may not go to hell afterall. Dr Eaglemen has given a name to though process which in my openion is shared by many. I also believe we must add a spiritual dimension to it. No one knows the reality of afterlife but one must take comfort in believing that they are a part of God’s plan. But then again how do we know if god does have a plan at all. I would also encourage readers to visit and share their thought with the world.