Straight believers find a home in gay churches, synagogues

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WASHINGTON — When Andi Kasarsky’s husband died six years ago, members of her synagogue came to sit shiva — the customary Jewish ritual of mourning — with her. They came in shifts for days, many of them strangers, to share her grief. And although Kasarsky was mourning her husband, many of the grievers were gay. […]

  • Dewey

    Since the Adam and Eve incident in the garden, men and women have made the choice to separate themselves from God. Nothing has changed…yet.

  • Lauri

    I would recommend a meditation on the Letter of Jude. This is the last Book before Revelation…..and for those with ears, let him/her hear.

  • Diane

    So, “I’ll support immorality because they are nice to me”….wow! Are we in trouble with this kind of thinking.
    Yes, evil disguised as good is challenging to recognize.

  • Black Fish

    Wow. After reading an article about “loving and giving” people who worship together and sacrifice to help each other out; Diane accuses them all of being evil. Dewey claims they are separating mankind from God. And Lauri sees it as a sign of the Apocalypse.

    We really are in trouble with that kind of thinking.

  • Black Fish:

    I guess it depends on what you mean by evil.

    When most moderns say they are good people what they mean is they don’t torture puppies for sport, and haven’t murdered anyone (unless they’re the unborn).

    By contrast, Christians and Jews believe that evil is any violation of natural and divine law. Of course, good and evil admit of degrees, and no one his purely one or the other.

    Still, I believe there is something particularly evil about embracing a disordered, unnatural lifestyle, and trying to force acceptance of that disordered lifestyle on religious and civil society.

    These guys should be honest with themselves and found their own religion, rather than bastardize historic faith traditions which consider their behavior to be abominable.

    I do wish to emphasize my sincere empathy for those afflicted with a disordered sexual orientation. I won’t judge any man who struggles with temptation, and occasionally gives in–but when sin is embraced, and in fact broadcast as good and holy it does call for a bit of righteous indignation.

  • I have learned that we are “NOT” to throw Stones with People who “HAVE” Glass Houses!

  • Diane

    Throwing stones does not mean embracing sin or denying that sin is in fact, sin.

    We should not judge people…but we should judge actions to discerne right from wrong.