Heaven? Sure. Hell? Not so much.

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Just when it seemed to have cooled off, the topic of hell is back on the front burner — at least for pastors learning to preach about a topic most Americans would rather not talk about. Only 59 percent of Americans believe in hell, compared with 74 percent who believe in heaven, […]


    Hell is real. Read the true story of OUR LADY OF FATIMA and the 3 children; Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. They saw hell and how to avoid it.

  • Dawn

    The teachings of Jesus on judgement, Heaven and Hell are NOT to be taken as part of a “pick and choose” type of religion! Either you accept Jesus and his teachings or You reject his teachings! The parable of the rich man and Lazarus is a clear and emphatic that Jesus acknowledges the place and state of Hell! The parable of the temptations of Jesus and the one in particular, of Satan offering ALL the kingdoms of power and riches to Jesus if ONLY he would bow down and worship Jesus, is another indicator of the seriousness of Satan and Hell!

    It is more and more important that pastors today forget about “alienating or offending” some or all of their parishioners! Hell is a reality, and Jesus teaches this! Jesus comes first and NOT being popular by their parishioners! Jesus NEVER based his Church/teaching on “popularity” or WHAT people think! HIS church will survive against the gates of Hell because that is WHAT he said and promised! If Christianity has survived for century after century; then it comes no less then a miracle…..”Heaven and Hell will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”



    You are 100% correct on your statement. I was giving one example of 3 children who saw hell shown to them by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Portugal, Fatima in 1917.

  • jmj

    Those who do not believe in HELL will go to hell !!
    Hell is as real as Heaven & JESUS CHRIST Good ..v…Evil !!
    Of course the Devil dose not want you to talk about it … he wants you to think Evil is good and Good is Evil this is what the world is seeing now …. Just look at this world to day all the killings /Abortions /homosexuality/ stem cell/ people just going crazy killing there own children , parents, themselves / Drugs/Alcohol Exc….. if you cant see it happening you better start praying for God to open your eyes !
    God Bless you & be with you !

  • Kay

    A great book to read is 23 minutes in Hell. This guy goes all over the world now talking about his experience. Hell certainly exists.

  • Catholic

    God does not send anyone to hell. Rather a soul freely chooses to go to hell by their sinful decisions. Psalm 68 [67] : 2-3 “Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered: and let them that hate him flee from before his face. As smoke vanishes, so let them vanish away: as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.”


    Hi Kay,

    Who is this person that wrote 23 minutes in hell?



  • Maureen

    If you read the catechism of the catholic church Hell is described as a state of separation from God and a place of fire.

  • DC

    Those who do not believe in HELL will go to hell!!
    JMJ do you really believe that statement that you made?
    Does it actually say that in the Bible ANYWHERE?
    Question: Of whom is Jesus the Savior?
    Answer: 2 Timothy 4:10
    If Jesus is the Savior of ALL men, especially those that believe, who gets left out?
    Or shall I say it another way. How many are included in ALL? Or yet another way, who would be excluded if Jesus is the Savior of ALL men?
    And if through the first Adam ALL died, but through the second Adam (Jesus) ALL shall be made alive, who gets left out here?
    Let’s pretend that I believe the statement you made about those who do not believe in Hell going there. Then let’s say that I have done what the traditional church (depending on which one you attend) says one must do to be saved, but I still do not believe there is a place of eternal torment, am I still damned?
    Let’s say that I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for my sins and I have asked Him to forgive me of my sins and been baptized and everything else that I am supposed to do (again we all know that every sect of christianity has their own idea of what is right), but still do not believe that there is a place of eternal torment, am I still lost?
    If you still contend that your statement is correct, please document with scripture. Verify your statement with scripture and I will believe what you say.

  • Dolly N. Gregorio

    I refer to the Mystical City of God, by Ven. Mary of Jesus of Agreda, Spain, when our Lord prayed interiorly to his heavenly Father, pg. 570 and I quote”….The demons, rebelious to our perfect and holy will, I cast out and deprive of our vision and company;…condemn them to eternal loss of our friendship and glory, to privation of the vision of my Mother, of the saints and of my friends, the just. I assign and appoint to them as their eternal dwelling the place most remote from our royal throne, namely, the infernal caverns, the center of the earth, deprived of light and full of the horrors of sensible darkness (Jude 6)…In those eternal dungeons of darkness they shall be tormented by everlasting and inestinguishable fire.”

  • The reason they are having so much trouble “pushing” hell on people today is that “thinking” people today can see that there is something terribly wrong with this type of doctrine. The doctrine of eternal torment is totally illogical when trying to harmonize it with an almighty all loving all sovereign GOD Who’s purpose is to save the world….

  • Scott Blankenship

    If you’ve ever had a hard time understanding how a loving God, who is the Savior of the World, who is Love, and tells us to Fear Not, could literally burn billions of His children in an eternal fiery hell, then you should watch these videos.


    The last days deception happened a long time ago. Paul said it was already happening in his day. We are still coming out of the dark ages. Hear the truth. Hear the Gospel. For those with ears to hear, hear the real GOOD NEWS!

  • Fran

    I have tried to send something 3 times as a comment to this subject but have been unsuccessful. This is a test.


    Fran, your statement appears so it shouldn’t be a problen. Try again. John

  • dale

    Eternal torment is NOT taught in the scriptures. Read about it in “Martin Zender Goes to Hell” http://www.starkehartmann.com/hell1.htm

  • Acushla

    Our LORD spoke about the Place of Torment. We do not become HIS children until we accept HIS SON as our Saviour & Redeem. Eternity is very real where we will go after judgment when we leave these bodies. We are made in Image of Yahweh so HE is Spirit & we are spirits made in HIS likeness so there are spirits in the Abyss who were supposed to be messengers of Yahweh but they rebelled against HIM & were confined in the Abyss in the days of Noah. They will be released when Antichrist comes to prove humanity whether they will worship him or Yahweh. Jesus Christ is Coming Soon.

  • Paul

    Hell is real. Hell is death. The bible clearly says the wages of sin is death. God told Adam and Eve and their descendants knew of one punishment for sin, death. Death, the bible says, is the absence of life, where the soul does not exist. Hell being a place of eternal torment is not biblically sound. Ancient pagan beliefs crept into Catholicism at a time when the Roman Empire is well known for incorporating beliefs into a state run religion. Hell is real, but the definition of it being a place of eternal torment is false. Hell is death, the state of non existence, plain and simple. We all deserve death, the bible says. We al deserve hell. But Christ will reign until the last enemy, Death, is defeated (1 Cor. 15:26). It is only by grace anyone is saved, which means you are not deserving of salvation. Until we get to the point of realizing our inability to deserve salvation, we’ll always see hell as a place of eternal torment. Hell is real, but the popular perception of it has always been false. There will always be people who are too tied to the notion of eternal torment to enjoy the grace of God. They are experiencing their own torment in this life because of it.

  • Some of you people are filled with the most vile attitudes. You should be ashamed. Besides your apparent ignorance of the basis for why many scholars and believers throughout history have rejected the doctrine of hell, you would dare claim that “if you don’t believe in Hell, you’re going to hell”!? Please show me a scripture that says anything like that. Do your homework people. God is NOT the sick, evil, illogical monster you want him to be. http://hellhoax.com

  • Catholic

    Hell is the place that souls who refuse to love God go, by there own choice. The only myth about hell is that there is no hell. That’s why many people there never believed in it. If you just love yourself and not God, hell is the ultimate home for those types of souls, where nothing but selfishness and hatred reigns. An invisible enemy is the most dreadful, and a non-hell is eternally dreadful for those foolish selfish souls.

  • Paul

    Simple question here. What are the wages of sin? What was the punishment for Adam and Eve? What does Jesus defeat as the last enemy? Think about this. It’s not hard. Neither is eternal fire or torture. The answer is death.

  • So I should believe the myth because you say so? Or should I believe the scriptures instead? The apostles lived what Jesus taught, and never once threatened anyone with hell. The Catholic church burned people alive for disagreeing with their theology; a theology invented by converted pagans centuries after the apostles. Now who should I believe..the apostles who lived righteously having seen the Lord and were taught directly by him, or former pagan “theologians” of Rome who tortured and burned people they disagreed with? The funny thing is, (well, not so funny really) Christians today know they can’t get away with burning alive people they call heretics, so they’re just as happy to imagine their enemies will EVENTUALLY burn alive. Pretty sick.

  • Catholic

    @ David Zug: So I should believe YOUR myth because you say so? Jesus mentioned hell frequently – it’s called Gehenna, where the worm never dies, and other such descriptive language. As St. Padre Pio said once to someone who says the same as you, well you’ll find out when you get there.

  • I never said you should believe ME. I said I prefer to believe the scriptures, and you should too. But properly translated scriptures. Do you know what Gehenna is, Catholic? It’s a place ON EARTH just outside of Jerusalem. You can go there. You can find pictures on line. It is not hell. Today it’s actually a very lovely valley where there are no fires or worms that don’t die. Being that scripture teaches us that Jesus ONLY taught the multitudes in PARABLES…this reference to Gehenna is a PARABLE of the judgement to come. Gehenna is referenced in the Old Testament too and not once is it translated “hell”. As for saint whoever..what he’ll find out when he stands before the throne of judgment is just how ashamed he will be for believing God to be an evil monster.