The Vatican remembers Paul is Dead

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The livelier feel of L’Osservatore Romano over the last three years owes much to the Vatican newspaper’s expanded and increasingly friendly coverage of contemporary secular culture — or at least Baby Boom culture — including pop music. In the latest example, an entire page of tomorrow’s edition is devoted to the 40th anniversary of the […]

  • MT

    “…rock music ended its existence as a form of cultural rebellion and took up its current role as a frankly commercial enterprise…”

    Did L’Osservatore Romano actually say that? Possibly the first people to disagree would be the Beatles themselves. Paul McCartney said something along the lines of “When John and I wrote songs, we said ‘let’s write a number one record'”. And a few years back Ringo (on David Letterman, I believe) said “I’m old school. When I put out a record, I want it to be a hit.”

    Lucky for us, those hit records were great songs. But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that the Beatles weren’t motivated by a bit of that good old-fashioned greed!

  • Helene Pineau

    L’Osservatore Romano seems to have been seduced by the world – I think we can lump it with the leadership of Notre Dame University. They have sold out to the lure of the secular culture. As Our Lord warned, “What profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his very soul?” (Lk 9, 25)

  • Christian

    More proof that the Catholic name has been usurped by heretics and apostates.
    O Lord, grant us a true Catholic Pope!

  • Anne


  • Patti

    Why would the Vatican’s newspaper waste space (a whole page!)
    on something like Abbey Road? Are they trying to be
    “Rolling Stone” magaazine? Spirituality is down everywhere,
    especially Europe, so why not use the newspaper to encourage
    return to the faith, not joining in on the humanistic culture.

  • JBW

    Considering what a vehement anti-Christian John Lennon was, and the vile things he wrote about the Lord in his 60s book of “poetry”, it is ASTOUNDING that the Vatican would waste ink and columns on that liverpudlian antichrist! Say it isn’t so, Joe!

  • JosephL

    Abbey Road had some good ballads, like Because & Something.
    The Beatles were not evil, like the metal bands of today.
    As for a previous comment, wishing we had a ‘true catholic Pope’- well, that is really an insult to Benedict XVI, who is a good sheperd.
    Woe to you pharisees….