New Dan Brown novel means extra scrutiny for Masons

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WASHINGTON — As members of a secretive brotherhood, Freemasons are no strangers to conspiracy theories. They’ve heard it all before: that they’re child-sacrificing cult members, or religious zealots plotting a New World Order with the Jews, or satanic anti-religious alien spies. With Dan Brown’s newest novel, “The Lost Symbol,” hitting bookstores on Sept. 15 — […]

  • Dan Cailler

    I think any reaction will be overreaction. It’s fiction. Period.

  • The problem with Masonry for Catholics and many other Christians is that it denies that salvation comes solely through the salvific act of Jesus Christ on The Cross.This is a good enough reason for me to stay far away from it.

  • Dan Cailler

    That’s the trouble with Christianity, it causes people to deny themselves other points of view, and in this case, mere works of fiction which should pose no threat to people of faith – assuming it was legit.

  • Aunt Raven

    Chapter 7 of “Hope of the Wicked”, by Ted Flynn, ( ©2000) is an excellent short primer on the roots and activity of Freemasonry in America. (Other chapters deal with Freemasonry’s European roots, philosophy, , financial ties and scope of activity.) The author did his historical research from public record sources, and has footnotes.

    “Hope of the Wicked” would be a good benchmark by which to judge the factual from the fictional in Dan Brown’s new book “The Lost Symbol.”

  • DavidW

    Hodapp’s “Solomon’s Builders” is also an outstanding work about Freemasonry’s role in the founding of the US and the building of Washington DC. There are those who have a knee-jerk reaction whenever this topic comes up, about Masonry vs. Catholicism, etc. Such discussions usually degenerate into far more heat than light. A study of the historic origins and influences of Masonry on the US has nothing to do with arguments about salvation, good works, denying Christ, or anything of a liturgical nature, except as an examination of the longstanding political battle over the 18th century Church and Monarchy establishment and the radical Enlightenment that turned all of Western society on its collective head.

  • Perry

    Masonry has been in the past, and still is for some today, very anti-Christian. Read up on the Cristeros war in Mexico and see how Freemasons in political power try to destroy people who do not think the same way they do. The bloodthirsty French Revolution, which in practice was far worse for ordinary people than the «Ancien Régime» ever was (remember the Vendée!), was thoroughly inspired by Freemasonry. The whole push to get the Church out of education in Europe was driven by Masonic principles. The animus towards the Catholic Church in Italy at the time of Garibaldi can be traced to his Masonry. And so on.

    I find it disingenuous for Freemasons to claim they are not a religion. Why would an outfit that says it isn’t religious ask you about your belief in God, anyway? No other community group does that. And why do they have Masonic funeral ceremonies if they are not trying to at least parallel religion? Although it claims not to be a religion, it ends up being a religion-substitute for a lot of its members. They have more loyalty to their Lodge than to any church they nominally belong to. And, formal protests to the contrary, I don’t think Freemasonry is overly upset when that happens.

  • DSuarez

    I totally agree with AuntRaven. Ted Flynn is right on the money. I know that not all Freemasons realize what they are doing when they join. It is the 32nd and 33rd Degree Masons who are entrusted with the real plans.

  • Priscilla Taylor

    How about this: once, an older man told me that he learned from someone who was a good Freemason that when he would make it to the top degree, her would have to step on the crucifix. Hearing this, the man left the group and afterwards, experienced decades of obstacles in his business and professional life. MOst of them were traceable to his former “brothers” in the lodge.

  • JBNS

    Masonry calls all world religions to come together at the same alter to worship. If it is not a religion….why would it be called a Masonic Temple? Why not a Maosonic Club? It is about blending world religions for the sake of world peace. The French Revolution should be enough proof of its fruits.

  • DavidW

    As I said, such discussions usually degenerate into far more heat than light. And it took no time at all, did it?

    I am a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. I have never stepped on a crucifix (or papal tiara), nor seen it done in the degrees of the Northern Jurisdiction. It does not take place.

    Masonry is not a religion. You’ll just have to take my word on it.

    Failure in business at the hands of those dirty Masons? You must also believe in the tooth fairy. When my business fell on hard times, my brother Masons didn’t save me. Gee, I guess business success or failure was up to me all along.

    32nd and 33rd degree Masons know the deep dark inner secrets? Well, a man who joins the Scottish Rite these days is made a 32nd degree Mason (in the US) in a day or two. Sounds like a perfectly un-secure way to keep dark secrets from any old truck driver who wanders in and pays the initiation fee.

    Look, over 300 years, literally millions of men have become Masons, including men of every faith on Earth, and even ministers, priests, imams, rabbis and yogis. Are all of those men all wet, while a select few “brave” whistleblowers imbued with the “awful truth”?

    Don’t just get your information from the Internet, actually read a book or two. Read both sides and decide for yourself. Don’t just take the word of anti-Masons with an axe to grind. Read MODERN scholars who have studied the Masons like Jacobs, Ridley and Bullock, or current Masons like Morris, Hodapp and de Hoyos. Don’t cherry-pick from Victorian Romantics like Pike and Mackey who were writing their own flights of fancy. Or better yet, find a Mason and ask him about what they believe and teach, instead of endlessly repeating “my neighbor knew this guy” stories.

  • DavidW

    Oh yes. It’s called a Masonic Temple because the ritual ceremonies and allegories of Freemasonry are about Solomon’s Temple, and they teach lessons that are designed to metaphorically build temples in the hearts of men. Somehow “clubhouse” or “tree fort” didn’t sound appropriate 300 years ago when modern masonry was taking shape.

  • MayS.

    For a very factual true guide please check out Mr. John Salza’s book The Hidden Side of Freemasonry. I saw him on a talk show and his knowledge was truly amazing! Everyone should read the book.

  • Albizzi

    Masonry exists since centuries.
    But it never was so powerful as in the times being.
    Now it has entered the Roman Catholic Church with the aim to destroy it from the inside, since She seems impossible to be destroyed from the outside.
    The diabolical disorientation that everybody can witness since the beginning of the sixties is the result of the dark forces of the masonry working insidiously unnoticed. How many sacrilege masses, how many heresies, wrong statements, even blasphemies are uttered everyday. Huge crowds have left our Church by the millions and nobody cares.
    A list of high ranked mason clerics was displayed in the seventies with such prestigious names like Card. Villot (Secr. of State of Paul VI), Card Marcinkus, Bp Bugnini (the architect of the Novus Ordo mass). This list was never contradicted.
    On the contrary, from some modernist circles the opinion was spreaded that masonry was compatible with the catholic faith!!!
    Some first hand infos on this issue are available
    Sorry it’s in Italian

  • albizzi

    DavidW is the prototype of the useful idiot of the Masonry.
    He is placed in a lodge where nothing special happens and never will happen so that he can state that the purported “works” they perform during their meeting are totally inocuous.
    1/Everybody can enter a church, even the atheists and masons, and go to mass or to other ceremonies. Why I, not initiated in their mysterious (and sometimes ridiculous) rites, am I forbidden to enter a masonic lodge?
    2/Which kind of works are they performing? They are building cement walls?
    Why so much secrecy if they have nothing to hide?
    Why so many masons in the government if not to truly rule the country according to their aims, instead of the true elected power?

  • Ted

    Masonry is the most evil device used by the devil himself for perverting and leading many away from Christianity throughout the world. Most world leaders are currently active masons – their secrecy is proof that they are up to no good – there are no windows in masonic temples (“temples” – yes it is a false religion) which again is proof that they do not want outsiders (they label “the profane”) to see or understand what exactly goes on. Within the blood oathes it is agreed that it is ok and even praiseworthy to lie to protect the truth about masonry to the “profane” (anyone who is not a mason). The members take blood oathes of secrecy within the organization as they take different degrees (or levels) promising to have their body mutilated and even killed in differenct ways if they reveal any of the secrets throughout the degrees. The vast majority of the elite at the highest degree 33rd degree (or Shriners) are able to progress to the highest degree as it is quite expensive to pay as you go through each degree (or level). The plain truth is that 90% of masons have not the slightest idea that satan is the head of this movement and only after years of involvement and the priviledged few who reach the unholy 33rd degree level) do they understand that satan actually is the God of their faith. the father of lies is the head of this very evil movement in the world that has been in the world for centuries. There are even priests, bishops, and yes even cardinals within the Catholic church who are masons. Let us us pray for our dear brothers and sisters (eastern star) who are deceived as part of this religion to have the grace from Jesus Christ to renounce it and embrace the truth of Jesus Christ and his word the Holy Bible. Please by all means do the research yourself to discover the evils of freemasonry – Ted Fylnn’s book is great and there are also books by other freemasons who have had the grace to leave and yes – they always fear that they can be sought out and killed for revealing the inner-workings. The truth of the Gospel is never in secret and Jesus said, “Let your light shine before men” a lamp is meant to be put on a lampstand in order to give light to the house, and a city on a mountain gives light to all the surrounding areas. Jesus Christ has revealed all – no secrets! This alone should convince people that there is something wrong with freemasonry. Pray for those ensnared or trapped in the lies of freemasonry.

  • DavidW

    Do you have the remotest shred of sanity left in your brain?

  • Daniel

    Masonry is a religion.Read the writings of Pike and Mackey. They also say their god is Lucifer. To deny this you are either uninformed or not stating the truth.

  • DavidW

    NO THEY DO NOT, and if you actually read the passages in their books instead of the hoax versions posted all over the Internet, you would know that is a damned lie. Stop perpetuating complete fabrications because you are simply too lazy to do the research for yourself.

  • winkyb

    6 And he said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, `This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me;
    7 in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.’
    8 You leave the commandment of God, and hold fast the tradition of men.”
    14 And he called the people to him again, and said to them, “Hear me, all of you, and understand:
    15 there is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him; but the things which come out of a man are what defile him.”
    21 For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, fornication, theft, murder, adultery,
    22 coveting, wickedness, deceit, licentiousness, envy, slander, pride, foolishness.
    23 All these evil things come from within, and they defile a man.”

    2 You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it; that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.


  • Daniel

    To David W. If you read their writings you would know what I stated was correct The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry states it.A Religion has rituals which they have.They also are a secret society which they also admit. Maybe you should repent,pray more,ask The Holy Spirit to reveal Truth to you.I have been there so please don’t say I was lazy.

  • This discussion seems to have gotten out of hand. I think some of what has been said above is unnecessary hyperbole- the Masons might be more accurately called a secretive than a secret society, and I don’t believe that, other than in a few individual lodges in different places and periods, they were ever part of a conscious conspiracy. Nonetheless, the Masons have among their ranks many who promote these ideas among their members and society at large. As a Catholic I believe Freemasonry is evil, since it has been so influental in spreading the rationalistic, anti-Catholic ideas of the Enlightenment. Salza, whom I once saw interviewed, is not a sensationalist, and recognizes much in Masonic rituals which is irreconciliable or much at odds with Catholic belief.

  • BillA.

    For the ill informed people posting here: Freemasonry is NOT a religion as it has not doctrine or dogma. It requires a member to profess a belief in a Supreme Being only because they believe an atheist or an irreligious man cannot be trusted as they are a moral blank. Masonic Temples are called Temples because a Temple is a place of learning. Non Masons cannot attend most meetings because they prefer to meet in private, not in secret. Masonic Temples or Centers are listed in the phone book and have clearly marked buildings.
    Freemasons are not anti-Catholic, Christian or against any other religion. In fact Masons are taught to be true to their religious beliefs and active in their chosen faith.
    It always amazes me that non-Masons or the profane (which mean literally, outside or before the temple)think they know more than the millions of Freemasons who are members and participate. In it’s history many men who are or have been members are also men of the cloth and have praised Masonry not condemned it. I think the Christians that post here hate it because Freemasonry promotes religious freedoms and these so-called Christians cannot stand that. Their way is the only way, according to them.
    Aristotle once said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.
    I think the closed minded who post the evils of something they no nothing about should take his words to heart.

  • Joe

    BillA. – You are telling lies and your father is the father of lies. You know all too well that masons are condemed by the Catholic Church and by many Pope’s letters throughout history due to the facts that their religious views and teachings are contrary to the Christian faith. Furthermore true Christians are not afraid of people of other beliefs but only those who lie about what their true tenants are! All of what has been revealed and shared has been accurate and those people who have shared their views have obviously done their homework. As for myself I have learned the truth first hand from masons themselves which has been confirmed and those members who have left so called “freemasonry” (Should be rather be referred to as enslaved masonry) have shared their experiences and thoughts. Masonic temples of brainwashing have no windows so they can hide what the rituals are to outsiders (the profane) – that which is done is secret is an abomination before the Lord! Repent before it is too late for you! You are part of a very diabolical secret society that will be the ruin of your soul. I will pray for you! I mean you no harm – May our Merciful Lord Jesus Christ open your heart to the truth!

  • David Johnston

    It doesn’t take long for people on this list to demonstrate the 3 hallmarks of Christians everywhere:

    1. Ignorance

    2. Bigotry

    3. Stupidity

  • mike

    Masonry is a religion.Read the writings of Pike and Mackey. They also say their god is Lucifer. To deny this you are either uninformed or not stating the truth.

    Posted by Daniel—September 07, 2009, 3:44 pm


    might wanna do some research on that ‘Lucifer’ is a misnomer , he was a man alive in the same period as pike, and someone actually try watching a history channle doc. sometime, they actually explain both the common misunderstanding about freemasons and the conspiracy theories that may be true, founding fathers , civilwar, knights templar (york) etc.


    also why did the revolutions that allowed for the world today suddenly become all bad thnigs as soon as someone blames them on masons? did everyone just forget that revolution not only built the u.s. but has been celebrated by almost every nation not under tyrant controll, (Bastille Day, july 4th , El Grito.16 de Septiembre) etc.

    and the ‘they keep secrets and thus must be evil’ claim is pretty weak considering the knights of columbus (a very catholic fraterity) keeps its rites secretive also, until your a member.

    lastly, joe just claiming everything not anti-mason was all lies without actually addressing any of the (correct) masons claims that they actually know what they themselves belong too is so anti-intulectual i can hardly call the last comment by david j. false in this instance.the things you all take as true about the masons are exactly the same as anti-catholics saying that catholics are idol worshippers for the Mary statues, or anti-christians saying that communion is either human sacrifice or meaningless and misleading, on the surface seem true until you actually open your mind to the ones you are pre-judging and listen to the other side of the story before you make up your mind, something your not working very hard to change the image of christians being unable to do. way to go.

  • MJR

    I see I am coming to this discussion late. However, for those concerned that Freemasonry must be a religion, since one must declare a belief in a Supreme Being… I am a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, a society generally considered to be made up of those who worship cheap drinks. In order to be an Elk, one must profess a belief in God. Does that mean that Elkdom is a religion, and that we’re undermining the Church or churches?

    I’ve never seen such drivel. I was in a secret club in second grade that had a secret password, a secret ceremony, and a Big Secret that was known only by three initial letters, GSP, which ultimately stood for “Gator’s” — the nickname of one of the members — “swimming pool”. To presume that just because you don’t know what other people are doing means that evil is automatically underfoot is simply absurd.