Clergy focus on ethical aspects of health reform

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(UNDATED) “God of grace and God of glory,” prayed the Rev. Cynthia Hale during a national conference call Aug. 19 on health care reform, “… We believe that it is your will that every man, woman, boy and girl receive quality health care in America.” On that point, no religious leader would contest Hale, pastor […]

  • It is insane that religious nuts obsess about stem cell research and want women to die in life threatening pregnancies. This is an echo from the days when prayer was the only response to the plague and slavery was a racist holy duty to obtain wealth from slaves by slave owners to donate to the church.
    ….. Clergy have no business writing their idiotic platitudes into health policies.
    ….. Women should have full reproductive health care included in their insurance coverage. Men have their viagra and vasectomies, why can’t women be free to choose when and if they stay pregnant?
    ….. The millenia of patriarchal hate from religions must end. Universal not for profit health care must become a civil right. There must be no exception for women’s needs.
    ….. Firefighters are not allowed to with hold fire extinguishing services at abortion clinics, why deny women equal protection under the law? Socialized fire protection, socialized medicine, socialized police, socialized highways, socialized libraries, socialized sewers, socialized water, socialized garbage pick up, socialized museums, socialized concert halls, socialized legislatures & courts & military.
    …. since when must women & medicine must not be socialized?
    .. since church properties were granted tax exemptions?
    Peace, Larry Carter Center 843-926-1750