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LOS ANGELES (RNS) In the new movie “The Blind Side,” Sandra Bullock plays real-life Memphis mother Leigh Anne Tuohy, a woman whose family is turned upside down when she spots Michael Oher — a young boy who has left the projects and has nowhere to turn. The Tuohys decide to provide a home for Michael […]

  • Coronella Keiper

    Sounds like a good movie.

    I looked to God; news dot googled “Ole” and “by date”, and now I have info on a good movie and the religionnews site that gave the good information.

    Thank you, all.

    Coronella Keiper

  • Rosalee

    My son & I saw the movie……it was inspiring. I actually enjoyed it much more than New Moon.

    All the best to you and your family!

  • Kimberly Brant

    My husband and I just returned from seeing The Blind Side. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. How wonderful it was for the teachers and the Tuohy family to see Michael’s need and step up to meet that need. I hope that this story will be an inspiration for others to look beyond their own lives and see the needs of the people in their community.

  • Margaret

    My husband and I saw the movie Dec 12, his birthday, he usually likes the blood and guts, but this time he wanted to see this movie, he loved it. I think Leigh Anne Tuohy is an inspiration to us all. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a strong mined and knows what she wants wommen, God is truely on her side. May all of her ventures have the blessing of the lord.

  • Dianne Hill

    WHAT A GREAT STORY! Never have I read about anyone who stepped up to the plate like the Tuohy family. This family exemplifies what Christ wants us to do for others – to give unconditionally to others. “What you do for the least of these, you do unto Me.” What is so amazing is that they had wealth and success, yet they chose to do what many who “have” don’t do and give. When I was a teacher I always gave coats to children who didn’t have a coat, and I thought I was really helping, now I know I need to look wider in my community to see what the real need is! Thank you Tuohy family for showing this country what it is to invest in a life in order to save a life just because we can.

  • Thank you for this post. For more on how practicing what we preach can change a life, check out this post: http://richardtgarner.blogspot.com/2009/12/renewing-stars-faith.html

  • Muhammad Firdaus

    I saw the movie yesterday and all I can say is that, Leigh Anne Tuohy is a true ANGEL. I hope she reads this.

  • Angie B.

    I was moved by this story. It shows how the human spirit can endure alot and with support and love of a family that spirit blossoms and thrives into what God meant it to be. Leigh Anne is a fire cracker and its those type of people who lead and make positive changes in the world.

  • Mike Pace

    My wife and I just got back from this movie. It was funny,inspiring, and a real treat to watch great performances from the entire cast. Sandra deserves the Oscar on this one.

    One of the best thing to come out of this movie is for Sandra to meet a real Christian that talks the talk and also walks the walk. If Jesse felt the same way before the movie as Sandra, I hope he feels like her now. If he doesn’t Sandra, take him to meet the Tuohy’s. I have watched his shows and can see he is a good young man at heart.

  • Mohammed Irfan

    The movie was wonderful! But Leigh Anne Tuohy you are a wonderful human being!Like someone said you are an Angel!I think the whole family are a very beautiful family.I think Sean Tuohy is a wonderful man and the kids are beautiful too!!!You know there is a lot to learn from the Touhys!!!I loved the movie and I love the Touhys if I only knew them personally what an honour that would be.I especially loved Micheal, blessed are you and the Touhys for finding each other.I wish you all the happiness!You sure did made me happy just by watching your story!God bless you.

  • Francis Hong

    Amazing woman she is! an amazing family! amazing michael! we need more people like you in our community around the world!

  • Vee


  • Eky Dakka

    It is really touching story. I watch this movie more than 3 times. And what make this movie amazing is the story is happen in real life. I hope all christian will be the next Leigh Anne.

    God Bless You Leigh Anne.

  • annmarie T

    I saw the movie twice, this is the best movie i have seen in a very long time, i love when Leigh anne looked at her husband and took Michael to the car, and the whole family supported her all the way. Tuohy’s your family is a GOD family and you saw michael as a child of GOD may God continue to richly bless you and your generation to come

  • Carol Perez-Noguet

    This is the best movie of the century! It shows that we still have good people in this country. That color doesn’t matter. The Tuohy family are the most blessed individuals in this country. God bless them always.


    I salute Leigh Ann Touhy for giving us an inspiration ” whoever , whatever it takes…. to have a heart willing to help people esp. teenagers who are lost and nowhere to go we can give them the chance to have a descent life ahead”….


  • Brandy Harper

    I just saw the movie on video and I am just in awe at the character sandra played…She is such a strong woman.. I am in total admiration and I hope before I die I can meet her and grasp her wisdom…………………..

  • Ellen Carbona

    I just saw that movie which was given to me by one of my sons friends. He said I would like it because it reminded him of me.. It took me along time to watch it, (very busy). Now I have looked Leigh Anne up and found this article, also have read many post. How nice she was, and how much they help- which of course it is great. I have been doing the same thing, since 1998, not to pat my self on the back, but with alot less money, and with four kids of my own, along with my grand kids. I says this only because, there are alot of I wish I could help, and what awesome people.. I would like to read, I AM GOING TO DO THAT WHERE I LIVE. In my community.. that is what is needed..I can say this because I have done it, (actually God and I hav done it, give glory where it is due, and it is all God). Whether I was working or not, God always provided when we allowed a teen or hurting mother and child to stay with us. WE NEED TO STOP LOOKING AT WHAT THE OTHER PERSON SHOULD DO AND WE OUR SELVES DO IT…

  • Janet

    I saw the movie and I was moved to tears and laughter. It is an amazing thing you did and I admire. I am so proud of Michael, but even moreso, of Collins and SJ. I’m sure that even being in a christian school, there was some adversity and your children chose the christian walk. Not many people can say that. I pray for more christians like you and Michael. May God continue to bless you in a mighty way.

  • The story behind Blind Side is amazing. I think that the greatest lesson to be learn is that with love and support a child can reach their potential. Michael had the potential, he had the will, and the Tuohy’s gave him the opportunity. They had a the means to help Michael and they spared no expense in helping Michael reached his potential. What a blessing for the Touhy’s and Michael.

    The Tuohy’s are wonderful examples of generosity and giving back to the community in addition to helping out a child in need.

  • Tom

    Great family and a great guy! But making it all i to some sort of god thing is stupid. The Touhys would probably be good people without being christians too… its probably just their human nature;)As she said: “We saw a kid with needs, and we could help him with those”. She didnt say god came down and said help him, he is gonna be a NFL star.
    Helping is also easy, if you have the means to help… christian or not

  • Nice story! I think that the greatest lesson to be learn is that with love and support a child can reach their potential. Michael had the potential, he had the will, and the Tuohy’s gave him the opportunity. Thanks!

  • I was really touched by the movie. It was really inspiring how he transformed his life. From being so aloof till he found a place in Sandra’s family. A special place for him. That no matter how people judged him, still that family helped him gain his self-esteem. And he succeeded it.