Obama tells church faith `keeps me calm’

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WASHINGTON (RNS) President Obama addressed how his faith guides him and the importance of hard work as he marked the birthday of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Washington church on Sunday (Jan. 17). “Folks ask me sometimes why I look so calm,” he said at Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, a historic […]

  • Sid

    At least he went to church, maybe he can make it a habit now.

  • Buzzy Gran

    One would have to ask if he did/does have faith then he would be the first to step up to defend the life of the unborn. His faith is leading him down a dark tunnel and one day he will have to answer to God.

  • Laurie

    One judges a man’s faith not by what he says but by what he does.
    Could true faith advocate the murder of a child in the womb? Could true faith be instrumental in the breakdown of the natural family that God has designed? Could true faith avocate for the exploitation of human life?

  • Adam

    It looks like the president uses the Christian faith only as opportunism. God sees through it. I hope the people do too.

  • Nancy

    FAITH, now that’s RICH!!! Where’s your faith Obama when the unborn are dieing in record numbers? How about the guy who has a family to feed losing his job? What about bailing out the TOO BIG TO FAILS? FAITH, you wouldn’t know FAITH if it bit you on the backside!!!

  • Jeff Johnson

    What a liar. My God, he sold himself as a Christian, and yet a year later, he belongs to no congregation and attends church nowhere.

    He did not even attend a prayer service at Christmas. Instead, he pursues his agenda of death (euthanasia, human stem cell research, abortion).

    God may damn this country soon.

  • Ken

    From what I understand this is the first time he stepped into a Church since he became the President. He said he could not find a Church that suited him. Ask me he practices the Muslim Religion behind closed doors.

  • Bill Sr.

    One wonders what is the source of his “faith”? When one trust in his “faith” that trust must rely on a power far greater than his own. If God the father is that source in Obama’s mind then he’d best take some time off to get better acquainted with the father’s rules for his children. He would surely have to change his mind on many issues to qualify for membership in the family.

  • ‘Judge not lest you be judged, for with what judgement you judge, you shall be judge’. By the sound of the posters here, it seems you all know the heart of the president as well as our heavenly Father. Spiritual pride or righteous anger? Each of us must ask ourselves this question and then pray for our enemies if we think it is righteous anger that motivates us to respond in this way. Otherwise, we must learn from our savior, who says, “Learn from me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and you will find rest unto your souls”.

  • Wallace

    Being a Christian is a personal realtionship with God. Only God knows the heart of a man, yet so-called christians are so quick to judge. Paul was murdering christians, David was murderer but a man after God’s own heart. God says you claim to love me who you don’t see while hating your brother who you see everyday. Sorry folks, but President Obama is doing a better job representing the character of Christ than you are. Why are so-called Christians so concern about the unborn but don’t give a darn about the babies who are here and are suffering. Do you realize that the majority of welfare receipiants are children! yet, you don’t want tax dollars going to government programs to help these children. Get off your soapbox and help the babies who are here among us who don’t look like you!