Cash-strapped National Cathedral mulls selling treasures

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Facing a reduced budget and a third round of layoffs, officials at Washington National Cathedral are considering disposing of priceless treasures — including a trove of rare books — that are no longer considered part of its central mission. The cathedral has begun tentative talks with Washington’s Folger Shakespeare Library as it reorients […]

  • bt

    I would argue that these books are actually part of the core of the Church. Would not the books be more meaningful to someone who actually attends the Church?

  • Connie Bertucci

    Dear Mgsr Rossi, I have a brillant suggestion…Enshrine Our Lady of America in the Biscilica (after all it was made for HER. You would be surprised what happens when you honor our Lady as she has requested. Maybe all of the Bishops should pray on it too and listen to the Holy Spirit. All through MARY, Connie Bertucci

  • Linda Gillan

    I am sure many of these articles are blessed. Isnt it a sin to sell blessed articles?

  • Ted

    Maybe the Cathedral wouldn’t be finanically hurting so much if it remained Christian in its focus and teachings! Pro-homosexuals and woman pastors/bishops have scared most of the faithful away to other faiths and it will continue as the Episcopal church continues to sink lower and lower in the moral free fall it finds itself in the past few years. How sad Jesus Christ must be that this church has lost its way – it seems the Roman Catholic church is the only church which stands by its biblical principles and feeds the flock the truth. Now that it is ridding itself of Homosexual pastors maybe the Catholic church will once again flourish and be an examply to other faiths.

  • ER

    @ Connie–This article is not about the Roman Catholic National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It is about the Washington National Cathedral, which is Episcopal.