It’s Prophesied

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My recent article about the Rapture and apocalyptic theology prompted me to post this song by William Tapley that I stumbled upon. I provide the lyrics for your perusal in case you do not want to sit through the entirety of the song. “It’s Prophesied” By William Tapley Your future’s coming fast, my friend / […]

  • Ah!! Nothing says warm and fuzzy religious doctrine like a song devoted to death, dying, suffering, burning eternal torture,a whore and the condemnation of a sitting American president.

    I was looking for a mindless death cult to join. This song convinced me Christianity must be the one.


  • Dragon Slayer

    This dude clearly knows nothing about the Book of Revelation; or at least pretends to. Everyone should know that the “leopard king” was Alexander the Great. The beast who had four heads was this man because his kingdom was divided among his four generals who constantly warred against each other constantly.

    His mis-information exposes his own biased beliefs and his discontented with what happening with the R.C.C.

    The rapture is not even in the bible. Some will actually escape death and perform great “exploits”. The bible specifically states that when Jesus returns, His followers will say: this is He, our Lord “whom we have waited for”.