Beck wants to lead, but will evangelicals follow?

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Southern Baptist executive Richard Land was pleased at how religious Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally turned out to be. Bishop Harry Jackson, a black evangelical leader, was pleasantly surprised that the Fox News talk show host said things “some of my close friends could have written.” And Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. […]

  • Rose

    It looks like Beck is doing the job our pastor, priest and rabbi should have been doing all along. If God has chosen him to bring us back into His fold. Then so be it, because it’s working and many folks are grateful for his leadership and guidance.

  • Joseph

    I find it amusing how so many keep trying to make this about politics. It just shows how little people who don’t listen to Glenn on a regular basis actually know about him. He’s not leading others, he’s giving his listeners a sounding board for what they already believe.

  • This was by no means an unbiased report. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Beck is doing. He’s doing what our pastors have NOT been doing! Looking at the downfall of this country and remaining indifferent about it is not going to help any of us. Maybe most of them believe in the communist “social justice” and are happy with the way things are going. Beck has NO aspirations to be a religious leader. His prayer with his team every day, and his public acclamation of God has been the key to his success. Plus, he is a talented and hard working man. What he is saying is become the best “whatever” you can be. The best evangelical, Catholic, Jew, Muslim and abide by the tenets of your own religion and don’t be luke warm. Be honest, don’t lie, be true to yourself, love God, your family, and the country. Simple message. If our president and congress did just these things, we would see a different world.

  • Mary Nelson

    I agree with the three comments so far.

    Beck is simply being the voice and delivering the message that our priests, pastors and rabbis have failed to deliver. The media and others threatened by Beck and his message at the rally are trying to find another angle on this story to stir up controversy and demonize him further.

    I attended the 8.28 Restoring Honor Rally and admire all the participants for standing together to proclaim that God is the answer; we must individually seek our higher ‘selves’ and this is only possible by turning to God and receiving the grace and spiritual gifts to stand strong against the secular tide.

    I am sure that Beck would be thrilled to have more Christian voices begin to speak out and come to the forefront; this is what he hopes gets ‘kick-started’. The only way that he is going to become a Christian leader is if other Christians remain silent.

    In my opinion, speculations about him running for political office is just wacko.

  • Mike

    I totally “second!” these 4 comments above!

  • Susan

    Way to go Glenn! Our nation needs to unite under Judea Christian standards. I am a Catholic who believes in your cause. All faiths need to wake up. Our Country is on the brink of disaster. I am proud someone has the guts to stand up and fight for the truth. Truth is hard to find these days especially in Washington.

  • Catherine Alexander

    Dr. Moore, and doubtless many others who are “squeamish” about Beck, probably did not watch Saturday’s event, or follow him on radio or television. Beck has given no indication that he is attempting to convert anyone to his faith, and he criticized Mitt Romney sharply in the last election cycle.

    Beck’s critics in the religious world would do well to remember that God calls whom He will to send his messages, and those messengers often do not fit the expected profile. The country desperately needs a leader who will unite the ALL the faithful, and so far Glenn Beck seems to be the only one with the means and the willingness to do the job.

  • ann

    For crying out loud, what’s up with the evangelicals? It’s not like he’s running around with 20 wives. The evangelicals are always asking people if they’re “saved”, so what’s the problem? All he’s asking is for people to turn back to God, that is Who we all say we believe in, right? We’ve tried everything else, so let’s give prayer a chance no matter what religion we profess.

  • Meg

    Two statements keep coming up from both Beck and Palin that I’d like them to define: “Restoring America’s Honor” — who has dishonored America and how have they dishonored her? “Turning Back to God” — Who specifically has turned away from God and how have they turned away from God? I’m totally adversed to self-appointed saviors. I believe only in One.