10 minutes with … Mark St. Germain

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NEW YORK (RNS) In playwright Mark St. Germain’s new off-Broadway play, “Freud’s Last Session,” the existence of God is on trial. For the defense: 40-year-old Oxford professor C.S. Lewis, a recent convert to Christianity. For the prosecution: 83-year-old Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis and determined atheist. They meet in Freud’s London study on Sept. 3, […]

  • Sandra Shapiro

    The play was excellent- well conceived & constructed, finely acted, and yes, more or less even-handed. I didnt realize that the visitor was CS Lewis! till I read this review. I personally stay with my husband’s wry self-descriptor: “I am a flaming agnostic”,referring to the basic issue of who created what. By this he meant to resonate with the physicist who said “we dont even know why there is anything”. But on matters of morality I think we are talking about man’s evolutionary imperative to create a social order to survive as a species endowed with a long period of development and a need for social order and social roles. // Freud’s avoidance of music reflects his prioritizing of symbolization. Freudian psychoanalysis is “the talking cure”. He was not comfortable bringing either the body or unsymbolized experiences into treatment. He was a nontrivial genius nonetheless.//Thanks for this interview– I enjoyed it.