Blacks bristle at notion of `slave of Christ’

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(RNS) For evangelical author John MacArthur, the best way to explain a Christian’s relationship to Jesus is what appears to be a simple metaphor — one often used by the Apostle Paul himself. “To be a Christian is to be a slave of Christ,” writes MacArthur, the pastor of a nondenominational church in Sun Valley, […]

  • Cradle Catholic

    We ARE slaves of Jesus. He bought us with a price. Being His slave is to recogninze Who He is, and what He did for us; to know who we are, by comparison. We were dead to the Father, and Jesus, through His life, death, resurrection, gave us life.

    In gratitude, we turn our lives over to Him completely, and it is no longer we that live, but Christ Who lives in us. It’s easy. Anyone should be able to understand that – and not be offended.

    Slaves own nothing, including themselves. The Body of Christ, “His Bride” is one big group of people, that are in the FAMILY of Jesus, but not through our own merit. It’s a gift – God’s grace. Jesus’ sacrifice.

    I’m Roman Catholic and I find it comical that one name for the pope is “Servant to the servants”. It’s all talk – and theologically, it’s inaccurate. We are not “servants”, we are SLAVES, and a slave does not “own” another slave. This is just one reason the watered down version of the word has done the greater catholic Church a dis-service. The universal Church is ONE, and Jesus is its Head. There are overseers to the church, individually. But we’re all One Body.

    Other races were persecuted, over the millenia. It was Christians that stopped the slave trade from Africa. John MacArthur is 100% on track, with this information he’s gifted to the world. All Christians NEED to know we are indeed slaves of Jesus.

    Non-Christians will never understand it, without being enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Reading the Bible, from cover to cover, is worth the 4 month investment on time that it took me to read it.

  • Deacon Richard

    Cradle Catholic,

    To me, this all seems like a war of words. Just to set the record straight, you stated: “In gratitude, we turn our lives over to Him completely.” As the term [i]slave[/i] is understood and used today, it [i]completely excludes[/i] any form of willing submission. Do you really want to have to qualify yourself every single time you use the term, “slave?”

    Please remember that without qualification (in other words, explaining what the term means when it is used in this particular case), [b]a word always necessarily defaults to its commonly accepted definition, which in this case is that of coerced and unwilling submission.

    Furthermore, it is worthwhile to consider how slavery is understood in the Bible. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt, and when God set them free, it is clearly a good thing. Furthermore, the Law of Moses deals specifically with the matter of owning slaves, and in that context the practice resembles much more closely that of servanthood than that of slavery, even if the word doulos or doula was used.

  • Cradle Catholic

    Deacon Richard – How about the word “dead”? Before we were born-again, we were dead. Dead people can’t do anything.

    There was no willing submission on our part. Dead is dead. We were not just sick. We were dead. The Holy Spirit gave us new birth, and we were bought with a price: Jesus paid that price. We are slaves.
    Reference: Paul’s letter to the Romans.

  • kr1000

    Deacon, anyone who would bristle at the word “slave” of Christ is obviously not fully yielded to the Lord or has been improperly taught. St. Paul says “You are not your own, you have been bought with a price.” It is Christ who purchased your redemption at the cross. Thus, HE owns you.