Minister moms split between pulpit and potty training

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Every now and then, the Rev. Amy Butler will find herself having to do a little simultaneous parenting and preaching from her pulpit at Calvary Baptist Church in downtown Washington. “My daughter, in particular, knows the look,” said Butler, whose teenage children sit — and occasionally chat — with their friends in the […]

  • Julia Melgreen

    I am surprised, super surprised, that this is a “news story.”

    Women have been in ministry for decades. Women frequently have children. In 2011 this is interesting or novel? I am a woman pastor. My oldest child is 21. She was born five months after I started my first job as an Associate Pastor. I went on to have two more. They are 19 and 12. It seems like I’ve been doing this for a long time, too long for it to still be newsworthy?

    To be fair, at funerals and weddings where the crowd is more eclectic, I still frequently hear, “You are the first woman pastor I’ve ever seen.”

    I remember sitting at a mission trip when I was a young pastor with young children (something many young women pastors were doing) and being truly fascinated to meet a high school boy who introduced himself by saying, “My mom is a pastor.” My female peers and I were busy populating day cares across the country with newly minted PK’s, but I’d never met an older child of a woman pastor. I was relieved to discover he had not been harmed by the experience!

    I am also amused to read stories about dads who stay home…my husband was our stay-at-home parent for ten years. Twenty years ago when he did it, it was truly trend-setting. Is that news still, too?

  • Nancy Lynn

    I’d like to see a similar article about single moms who are pastors.