Mormon embrace of KJV didn’t come early, or easy

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(RNS) Though many early Mormon texts and speeches mirror the English prose of the King James Bible, it was not always the Mormons' only authorized version ofHoly Writ. In fact, Mormon founder Joseph Smith had so many reservations about its language that he stated his new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believed the […]

  • JW1951

    Having many conversations with Mormons and others that use the KJV I can see why they are not fully aware of the truth of Gods’ word int he Holy Scriptures. The Mormons pick and choose what to accept and what to leave out of their beliefs of Scripture.
    As I recall the Book of Revelation states that nothing should be added to nor taken away from the writings. The results would be not blessings but a malediction. Hence many wonder why the KJV leave out the all important authors name. I notice all writers of articles on this site sign their name, justly so! God has given us His name and also stare that ” All will have to know that my name is Jehovah” Many lame excuses are made for putting in LORD instead of Jehovah…the divine name. Lord is a title! Jehovah is a Name. The oldest records of this name cannot be disputed. Even the Churches throughout the earth have it Carved in one form or another in their edifices.
    2012 brought in a new idea of restoring the name to KJV…hence the DKJV has been brought into light. Not such a new idea at all. Jehovahs’ Witnesses have stuck to the commission of announcing God’s Kingdom for over a century. Jehovah will get this done even if the rocks have to cry out.
    Nearly 7,000 times the Holy Scriptures reveal Gods name. Various dilects true…but non the less it is there for the world to see. A clear readable version of the Bible is the best way to take in knowledge of God John 17:3 lets us know that it means our life.
    Since our life depends on the knowledge and application of Scripture it should be clear and accurate. Thanks to the many hours of research of the scholars and lovers of God Jehovah this is being done.