Parochial schools not immune to bullies

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (RNS) Middle school is no picnic for a lot of students, but for Alec McGuire, it was intolerable. He transferred from one Catholic school to another in eighth grade to get away from another student whom he said harassed and ridiculed him. Whether making fun of his parents’ divorce or throwing a […]

  • Texas2Step

    I was bullied in the three Catholic schools I attended through the eighth grade, and in high schoool, because I was a fat kid. One of my younger brothers was a bit odd, (probably has Aspberger’s Syndrome,) and he was bullied to the point that he now blames the Catholic Church for it. Bullying is not new – why are school adminstrator’s still trying to figure this out? Bullies should be expelled from any school they are in, private or public.

  • Thomas

    I was bullied at my local “Catholic school” here in Casper,WY during
    the 1960’s . At the time, the BVM nuns controled the place. They
    did little to help me, and did even less to the bullies. When I
    transferred to the “public school” system, I was never bullied
    in junior high or high school. I still have flashbacks from the

  • Barbara

    Went to Catholic school 5th-7th grades, rest was public, in California. The teasing I endured at the Catholic school, in many ways, was worse then the teasing I got at the public school. Am thankful Facebook and such was not around during my childhood.

    I know a lot of public schools have developed anti-bullying programs…maybe the Catholic schools should look into this.

  • John Hayes

    I went to Catholic grammer & High school in the ’50s &’60’s. There was alot of bullying at the time whether at school or in the neighborhood. I was taught you had to face a bully not run from him or expect someone else to fight your battles for you. If the bully had a group behind him just apologize to him ,tell him he’s right. Then wait to get him by himself and confront him. It’s been my experience that most bully’s are cowards when there confronted. I was also taught not to start a fight but if ones seems inevitable make sure in get the first punch in and make it count.
    I don’t believe your doing our young men any favors by trying to protect them from todays bullys. Bullys are part of life and your going to have to learn to deal with them whether on the street or in corporate board rooms.

  • Texas2Step

    I agree with you, John Hayes. Children should be taught that bullying is wrong and they should be punished if they do it, but there always will be bullies in our lives, and we need to learn to deal with them. And if that means you have to throw some punches and get some bruises, so be it. Turning the other cheek is a fine ideal, but bullies are rarely moved by that, and by taking on a bully, you may be saving not only yourself, but also his or her other targets. Strive to live in peace, but refuse to be a victim.