God gap update

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The non-religious are a lot more likely to vote Democratic than the very religious are to vote Republican, according to the latest Gallup poll. Here’s the chart:

godgapupdate.gifIn proportional terms, non-religious Americans are almost twice as likely to vote Democratic as Republican, while the very religious are just a bit more than 25 percent more likely to vote Republican than Democratic. The moderately religious are slightly more than 20 percent more likely to vote Democratic. The non-religious plus the moderately religious make up 60 percent of the electorate, equally divided.

Update: As Pastordan tweets, “Dems don’t have a ‘religion problem,’ GOP has a non-believer problem.”

  • Joe murphey

    An interesting factor which is not reported in the web link but is undoubtedly available to Gallup is how has the trend of people identifying themselves as ‘very religious’, ‘moderately religious’ and non-religious’ gone over that time. We all suspect that the trend of people identifying themselves as ‘spiritual but non-religious” has taken off. But I doubt that question was included in earlier surveys.