Epitaph for Steve Jobs: Too great to be good?

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NEW YORK (RNS) The death of Apple founder and creative genius Steve Jobs has prompted the kind of veneration usually reserved for saints, inspired by his almost religious idealism and the lofty goals he had for technology and himself. Not to mention the flat-out awesomeness of his products. Everything about Apple and Jobs seemed to […]

  • Katherine

    You are nuts. Not only are you idolatrous, but you are turning technology and its creators into a cult. If you follow Apple and are completely obsessed with its gadgets, then you could become a ‘fan’ of the deceased founder. If you are completely insane and are led by a ring in your nose by the media, then you could join his cult. To liken him to a saint or monk is so far beyond the pale that there is little hope that you will ever see reality again.

  • Sophie

    This is an insult to the saints. We are grateful for the technology he had innovated but no way should we compare his life with the saints bec the saints struggled spiritually for the salvations of souls. His goal was completely material and worldly. Considering Steve Jobs also supported gay marriage and had breached even natural laws, the best we can do is to pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

  • Joseph

    THANK YOU SOPHIE WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What an awful article. Sophie said it all. Saints wore Christ’s cloak of suffering and abstinence and worshipped at the altar of God alone. Far too many secular-oriented people like to borrow philosophies from religion and adapt them to their secular pursuits and the worship of money. I’m not saying Jobs did this. I’m just saying this article blurs the lines, making it apparently possible for people to be “saintly” even if genuine saintly motivation is absent.

  • baldwin

    It was the martyrs of the religious community of the first century (and all centuries) who found it necessary to relieve their Martyrdom by crucifying the HOLY ONE. Martyr (from the Greek) means witness. To what do these self righteous bigots witness but to their own intolerance of GOOD. Steve Jobs was a man whose accomplishments have no reflection on his goodness or lack thereof! Mr. Gibson please don’t confuse inventions with goodness. The definition of saint is one who practised heroic virtue. There is no evidence to date, that Mr.Jobs did so, unless you wish to distort the spiritual meaning of virtue to a materialist meaning of the word!

  • Maree

    First of all,idolization of a person, and being obsessive are actually demonic traits. Secondly, Steve Job tried to live like a Catholic but delved into Buddhism which is also demonic because a true Catholic / Christian ALWAYS remains true to their religion. Catholics are told by God to LOVE all people regardless of their beliefs, have respect for what they believe so that they may see how we walk in the footsteps of God and follow us back to God. We are forbidden to take part in any rituals of other religious beliefs. Also demonic is technology because it has taken away our ability to communicate face to face; destroyed families to the point they no longer talk; have created obsession such as Facebook which is a bible of information for the Anti-Christ to use against people; it has also polluted the air world wide so that God HAS to do something drastic next year to change it so it will be purified when He returns in the air very very soon. In 2012 a world global finance crash will destroy every manufacturer and put them out of business;it will wipe all banks except the Vatican bank clean of all money and electricity companies, gas companies and any business using electricity will exist no more. No more electricity for a very long time (3+ years).
    People will start talking to each other, we will have to rely on neighbours, create our own community gardens to grow our own food.
    Already the stock market is on the verge of collapse world wide; Communities Australia wide are listening to God and going out to create community gardens to be self sufficient. You will notice many tv shows world wide coming onto tv for DIY rennovations, how to grow gardens and be self sufficient because God plants the ideas and people follow. Think about every single item you use that needs electricity to function and how you can buy a better non electrical product to replace it when the electricity goes out. No more computers, cell phones, phones, tv, dvd, Hollywood movies, game boys or WII. 2012 is the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT.