Thursday Godbytes

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As Occupy Wall Street protestors cope with being evicted from the from Zuccotti Park in New York City, Daniel Sieradski of the Jewish Daily Forward thinks the demonstrators could learn a thing or two from the Jewish Diaspora. (thanks for the tip, David!) Also, apparently the Occupy Wall Street encampments are home to more than […]

  • Farid

    Hi. I’m not picking on you. It seems your script reads a bit belittling to something much older than you or anyone alive today. “TH” at the end of the words in the Holy Bible are to denote plurality. There are clearer and more detailed ‘authorities’ on the endings of KJV words than either of us. Please be more respectful of holy things. As far as the one word you used, it’s better written as “Beholdeth”.

  • Since when is the antiquity of an inatimate object worthy of universal respect owing to its age or presumed “holiness” by its adherent? It’s due respect only from those who embue it with supernatural qualities, like an animist fetish, or voodoo doll.

    The KJV or any other version of a book of fables, misogyny, societal mind control, and childlike hocus pocus which glorifies genocide, suborns slavery and pedocide, and is used to justify – with divine authority – intolerance, subjugation, and rejection of reality is due as much respect as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Screw it.

    Now what? Going to invoke “blasphemy!” ? Don’t worry, it’s a victimless crime.

  • Farid

    Mr. Bart, I do not know why your post seems so antithetical to mine. If nothing else, you have disrespected hundreds of millions of follower’s belief in the Holy Scripture’s truthfulness. But they can speak for themselves. The KJV is another issue altogether. I am more interested in the fact that the book which is called the Word of God states in the old testament that it is ‘preserved from generation to generation’, and that Yeshua states that his words are ‘spirit and they are life’ in the new testament. An “inanimate object” such as the first picture your mother or father or loved one took of your infancy DOES have significant value because of its ‘age’ and ‘holiness’, which it does receive from its ‘adherants’. That is why people cry when they lose these kinds of treasures in a house fire, in floods, etc. Consider that you might be endangering the value of those who place value an inanimate object, such as a book or a picture, because you do not value it and say so in such a derogatory and vicious manner and therefore may become as that which you describe.

  • Farid… here’s your answer.