Monday Godbytes: Tim Tebow’s Miraculous Loss; Saudis Snap Up Twitter; Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Despite a six-game winning streak, Denver Broncos quarterback and vocal Christian Tim Tebow lost to the New England Patriots last night, 41-23. It was a sad day for Broncos fans, but the Jesus Needs New PR blog thinks Saturday Night Live (and Jesus) foretold the reason for loss before it happened. (also, the Patriots are […]

  • on the Leesburg, VA holiday display kerfuffle:
    “The creche is not religious,” Caulkins insisted, his voice trembling.
    “It is a belief symbol. You have to believe in something,”

    It’s not?? You do??

    Whenever I read/hear comments like this, or the oft tried “the cross on public land isn’t religious, it’s just in memory of the fallen” I always wonder, are these people liars and frauds who think people are that credulous, or are they just so christian centric they can’t see the absurdity of their statement? Either way, it speaks volumes about what religious fanaticism does to ones thinking.

    December is not owned by Christians, as much as they’d like to stake claim to it. You can have your fable, celebrate your preferred man-god myth to your hearts content, but the expectation of being treated as some unique and necessarily singular claim holder to December, or to public property, ain’t gonna happen. Not now, not ever again.

    Deal with it, get over it. Ramen.