Catholics rally against Obama contraception mandate

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 (RNS) From Maine to Phoenix to southern Louisiana, Catholic churches across the country echoed with scorn for a new federal rule requiring faith-based employers to include birth control and other reproductive services in their health care coverage. By Rick Jervis. 650.

  • fractal

    Raised a fundy Catholic, I know many, and have never met a fertile, sexually active Catholic that didn’t use birth control. So hypocritical for the faithful to embrace this knee-jerk reaction. My mother badly needed a hysterectomy in the 60’s, and had to apply to the Vatican for permission!!! Do we really want to go back to that insanity of telling women what to do with their organs?

    If an organization provide services for the general population, and employ the general population, they have no business telling the general population what to do with their health care. If you don’t want to obey the govt. mandate for insurance, prescriptions etc, then get out of the social service game, and stop taking Federal dollars.

    If the Catholics swing this election to the Repugs because of stupid non-issues like this, then i hope they burn in that hell they believe in so fervently.