• didutz

    Sincerely I can’t agree with this..because there are a lot of uncertain things and they should not make any differences between this.
    Aer Conditionat

  • JW1951

    Jesus was offered all the Kingdoms of the earth…and rejected them…He Taught us to pray for His Government to come on earth as in Heaven. Why on earth should any sane christian be involved in Political rule by the ruler this world Satan….remember Jesus said the ruler of this world is coming and has no hold on ME! Hence he also said My Kingdom is NO part of This world. It this not all obvious? Influence by Satan should be so so real as we view a crippled planet….ruled by the elite and drug Lords…thugs and war mongers
    Make your prayer let your kingdom come…and Daniel 2:44 A crushing of all these governments by Jesus. Please read your Bible and not the headlines. Do some homework!