• Bart

    And mormons wonder why they bare dismissed as a cult, and generally laughed at for their inane beliefs (as if vanilla Christianity could be made to appear any more foolish than it already does).

    Perhaps the LDS church should take a que from Tom Ehrich’s Feb 14 RNS ariticle on Customer Service 101. .

  • EJBrown

    Let me get this straight Bart, you are suggesting that Mormons take a “Customer” view to their religion and base their doctrines on what will appeal to people and be popular? Wow, may I respectfully ask what church you go? For a doctrine, does it simply tell people what they want to hear?

    For any Christian who believes that baptism is an essential rite, which makes less sense: performing proxy baptisms for the dead, or condemning the bulk of the population of the world that was never baptized to hell?

  • Bart

    Sense? You’re asking me what makes less sense?

    Neither baptizing the living, the dead, or believing in an imaginary place of eternal torture makes sense. To rate what makes less sense would be an exercise in the absurd.

    As for “customer” perspective, yes.. I do suggest the Mormon heirarchy evaluate how they are perceived and think about their doctrine accordingly. It’s not like that’s a new concept to them.

    They did that when they got this sudden “revelation from god” in the 1870’s that polygamy wasn’t god’s will anymore, coincidental timing since the Fed Gov’t was going to refuse to admit them to the unioin till they dropped it.

    They did it again in the early 1970’s when they got the “revelation from god” that not letting blacks become priests wasn’t very inviting to blacks and made them look like the racist jerks that they are. Interesting timing with the civil rights movment.

    So, yes – revising their silly doctrine of baptizing of the dead which offends the families of Jews, might be a good idea…and guess what… they recinded that doctrine about 20 years ago, incase you haven’t been paying attention, which likely you haven’t. That it sprouted up again is likely more of an embarrassment to them than their laughable magic underwear / sacred garments.

    Now, go pray for me as you folks like to say you’ll do. And in return, I’ll think for you.

  • Bart

    Oh, you asked what church I belong to. “The First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship.”

    We believe that if Jesus existed he’d want us to douse ourselves in pure Vermont maple Syrup and only shop wholesale.