For atheists of color, ‘coming out’ can be painful

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Religion News Service photo by Bob Mahoney.

Religion News Service photo by Bob Mahoney.

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(RNS) Many African-American atheists say that the act of "coming out" as nonbelievers in their community is to risk everything -- friends, family, business ties -- even their racial and cultural identity. By Kimberly Winston.

  • Camel Breath

    I will pray that you come to your senses before your body is all used up. If you indeed believe in not believing I can admire only your ability to concentrate on believing nothing. It is quite an achivement to ignor all the evidence of Gods Creation all around you. It reminds me of my first vacation trip with my wife. She had a very horrible upbringing with little attention paid to her ; till the person she should’ve been able to trust the most …. betrayed her as she blossomed into womanhood. We travelled to a scenic drive that came upon a magnificent view. A huge panorama of miles and miles of majestic purple mountains, majesty was before us. I stopped at a site to view and exclaimed My Dearest , ” Is this just the most beautiful sight we’ve seen today ? ” She did not agree and could not see the beauty at all . I found that most of her moods and life decisions were affected by that early betrayal and the life she lived was so sad for many times because of that long road she’d been on ……….. and had a difficult time leaving . She was familiar with that pain and would not leave that path because it was familiar. I believe most of the atheists are trying to say they’re happy, being unhappy in a group. Well , me thinks thou doth protesteth too much ! If you’re all actually so darn happy as you say you are , then why the big whoop dee do about what you say you are ! ? I have my doubts about your belief system especially with all the overblown rhetoric about your struggle. Yeah Right you may have friends or family pull away but so far I don’t hear too many stories of all the religous people hunting down atheists and forcing them to accept their religion. I’ll pray for you and hope you come to Jesus before your body gives its life up.When people start murdering you in the thousands such as the dark african population of Christian believers in Egypt ; then I might believe you are being persecuted !

  • listening2u

    There are those of us who are ardently religious who understand that the message coming from Black Pulpit is not responding to a spiritual landscape that is more defined by the church’s failure to respond to the needs of people than by ‘purple mountain’s majesty’. I applaud those who are questioning traditional paths of faith. They’re pushing us church-goers off our comfortable pews and, hopefully, making us look for God outside the sanctuary.